Tekin dominates January Jam @ Flowood!

Held at Flowood RC park in Flowood Mississippi 285 entries would make for a busy schedule. Open practice on Friday gave everyone plenty of time to get up to speed with the layout and conditions. Three qualifiers would be on the schedule to sort the A’s.

Tekin powered Ryan Lutz would make a huge push running 5 classes!  Round one of qualifiers would have Lutz on top in all 5 classes: 1/8 E Buggy, 1/8 E Truggy, 4wd SC, Nitro buggy, and nitro truggy.  Round 2 Lutz would nearly repeat the feat but lost out in 1/8 E buggy. Q3 This time Lutz would again Tq 4 of 5 rounds missing Nitro buggy this round. So 5 classes, 4 Tq’s going into triple A’s. Martin Harrison would take 4th in E buggy, 2nd in E truggy and 3rd in Pro4 SC Truck.

Triple A-mains were up and Pro4 SC truck was up first. Lutz was on a mission taking A1 and A2 uncontested. Martin Harrison was on point to finish higher than the 4th he settled for having a mechanical failure in A3 taking 4th overall still. Lutz would chose the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Pro4 HD 4300kv motor to power his Tekno SCT410 to the top position.


Pic Courtesy of RedRC


1/8 E Truggy was up next and again Ryan Lutz would start on point.  Lutz would thermal his Tekin powered Tekno ET48 not having a fan installed opening the door for Tekin teammate Martin Harrison to take the win. Lutz would not repeat his mistake in A2 taking convincing a win. Going into A3 there would be a three way tie for the overall between Lutz, Harrison, and McCoy.  Lutz would get out in front with Harrison in tow from tone to tone finishing this way in the overall.  Both Lutz and Harrison chose the award winning Tekin Rx8 Gen2 and T8 Gen2 motors.


Pic Courtesy of RedRC

1/8 E buggy was a heavily contested class all weekend. Lutz would start from P1 being kept honest but Jake Dellinger the entire time. Dellinger would make a few mistakes allowing Ryan to take A1 easily. A2  however was a hard fought battle the entire 10 minutes. The two would swap the lead too many times to count. On the last lap Dellinger would put a pass on Lutz forcing an A3 battle!  A3 was a brawl same as A2, but a few minute in Dellinger would bobble allowing Lutz to capitalize pulling a gap and taking A3 and the overall win. Great racing! Martin Harrison would take 3rd overall right behind the epic battle putting in a great drive as well. Lutz and Harrison both chose the Rx8 Gen2 and T8 Gen2 motors to take top positions on the podium.


Pic Courtesy of RedRC


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