Hupo Hönigl wins Mibosport Cup finale!

The final round of the 2016/17 Mibosport Cup was held this past weekend in Hrotovice, Czech Republic. Over 150 drivers competing in the both electric on-road and electric off-road classes. Tekin factory drivers Hupo Hönigl and Peter Loncsar were in attendance.

2wd Mod Buggy would have Hupo Hönigl the overall Tq Aleš Bidovský and Kája Novotný. The challenging track layout would make for some epic battles. Hönigl woudl retain the 1st position in A1 ahead of the field.  A2 was even more exciting when Hönigl made an error on lap 1 losing a few positions and allowing Kája Novotný and Aleš Bidovský to get ahead. Hupo would make a huge push and recover the lead and taking the win. Hupo sat on A3 after tying up the overall win in the first 2 mains.  Hupo Hönigl chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 6.5T motor to power his Xray Xb2 to the overall win while running the latest v258 software.

pic courtesy of RedRC

4wd Mod Buggy would have Kája Novotný with the overall Tq with Hupo Hönigl P2.  A1 would see Novotný make a quick move on Tq Novotný.  Hönigl would win A1 with Tekin teammate Peter Loncsar behind him. Novotný would fight back in A2 taking the overall win with Hönigl 2nd.  A3 would decide the overall winner which would be between Hupo and Kája had the same number of points. Kája lead the way  but would succumb to the pressure Hönigl put on him. Hönigl would take the win followed by Novotný and Bidovský.  Hupo Hönigl would take the overall win with Kája Novotný and Aleš Bidovský  and Peter Loncsar rounding out the podium. Both Hönigl and Loncsar would run the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 line up utilizing the latest v258 software.

pic courtesy of RedRC

Hanna wins the Serpent Challenge

The Serpent challenge held by The Track in Gaithersburg MD. Friday we were able to practice from noon till about 8 that night. The track was pretty slick from the water that was put down the night before.

Saturday we ran three rounds of qualifying taking your best overall 6 min run. In both 2wd and 4wd, Griffin Hanna was able to get the TQ spot!

In the 2wd, Griffin would trade places a few times with local guy Enzo Albertoni. At the end Griffin was able to get the win! Griffin ran the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 7.5T motor.

In 4wd, Griffin got spun out early on but was able to catch back up and take the lead. He traction rolled and Enzo would take the lead back. With time running out,he pushed to hard and on the last lap made a mistake and gave up the 2nd spot to local fast guy Jay Drakeford. Griff finished 3rd. Griffin again chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 6.5t motor.


Tekin wins the U4RC Nationals with the Tekin Rx4!

The U4rc 2017 Winter Nationals were held last weekend in Pheonix Arizona and held alongside the Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm.  Tekin factory drivers were in attendance and were running the latest addition to the Tekin product line; the Tekin RX4 ESC!

Michael Pham was on a mission, Tq’ing 3 classes!  Teammate Daniel Ramirez would Tq 1.9 Trophy and sit 2nd in 3 other classes himself! The entire team was putting in the work making the show in multiple classes running Tekin products in their rigs.

2.2 Comp:

  1. Michael Pham Tq and 1st place running the Tekin RX4 and Pro4HD 3500kv motor.
  2. Daniel Ramirez 2nd qualifier running the Tekin RX8 Gen2 and Pro4HD 3500kv motor.


1.9 Trail Cage:

  1. Michael Pham  Tq and 3rd place running the Tekin RX8 Gen2 and Pro2 3500kv motor.
  2. Daniel Ramirez 2nd and 2nd place running the Tekin RX8 Gen2 and Redline 13.5

1.9 Comp:

  1. Michael Pham  Tq and 1st place running the Tekin RSX ESC and Roc412 3100kv motor.

1.9 Trophy:

  1. Daniel Ramirez  Tq and 2nd place running the Tekin RX8 Gen2 and Pro4 HD 3300kv motor.
  2. Tony Mazza
  3. Mike Duncan 3rd and 3rd place running the Tekin RSX ESC and Pro2 4100kv motor.
  4. Adam Baker
  5. Mike Cassar
  6. Dan Wilson 6th and 6th place running the Tekin RSX ESC and Pro2 4100kv motor.

2.2 Trophy:

  1. Michael Pham Tq and 1st place running the Tekin RX8 Gen2 and T8i 2700kv motor.
  2. Mike Duncan 3rd and 2nd place running the Tekin RX4 and Pro4 HD 3000kv motor.
  3. Daniel Ramirez 2nd and 3rd place running the new Tekin RX4 and Pro4HD 3500kv motor.
  4. Greg Kathrein
  5. Dan Wilson 6th and 5th place running the Tekin RX8 Gen2 and Pro4HD 3500kv motor.

All results can be found HERE

Additional pics:

Pham Takes Top Spot at Fire & Ice Scale Adventure

The 4th Annual Moon Rocks Bashers – Fire & Ice Extreme Scale Adventure – Lost Trails was held at the Wild West Motorsports park in Sparks Nevada this past weekend. Over 200 participants attended this event consisting of two different classes which was by tire size 1.9 Class and 2.2 Class. There was 3 different courses which varied in difficulty: easy, intermediate, and expert. All 3 couses equaled a whopping of 500 gates altogether and over 3 miles distance traveled. The event was timed and every penalty of: Gates (vehicle physically hitting a gate), Touches (physically picking up a car to pass a gate or to flip over not under it’s own power), and there was also Markers that needed to be written down at random gates (5 number markers in each course) would add to each driver total time. The lease of amount of time amount for each class would produce the winners.

Tekin factory driver Michael Pham recaps the course:

I started the Extreme Scale Adventure running the “Black Diamond” expert course. The course was one of the hardest scale adventure I have personally done ever. Many of the gates involved picking the right line, winching, and wheel speed. The rocks, hill climbs, and drop offs were enough to kill many competitors motors, servos, and drive lines. The Tekin RSX ESC paired with a Tekin Pro2 Brushless motors on the Axial SCX-10 II proved to hold up to the extreme terrain using a total of 7000mah of battery in only 170 gates. The Tekin B1R did an excellent job controlling the winch to help the gates that were impossible to run without the help of the line. This first course took a little over 2 hours to run.

Knowing there was 2 more courses to run and have only brought 10,000mah worth of battery I decided to take a chance if finish the “Green Circle” easy course before making the long trip by to my truck to grab more batteries to finish up the event. The easy course was very fast paced with very little to no traffic jams and no winching involved but with almost 170 gates still took some time to finish which the gamble with no extra batteries in hand could proved to be a bad deal. As I finished the last gate my rig ran out of battery as soon as I got to the second check point. A quick ride back to the truck to grab more batteries and a drink for hydration I was back on the course ready to finish the last part of the adventure.

The “Blue Square” intermediate course would end up not being hard to drive but hard on my body physically. This course consisted of mostly a up hill climb until the half way point. There were many traffic jams at the harder gates so the waiting game would add to the total amount to finish.

I would end up finishing 1st place in the 1.9 class of the event with penalties added a total of 5.10 hours using a little shy of 15,000mah of battery. I never once had to do any kind of trail repair and the Tekin electronics proved to never skip a beat except when disconnected during a quick battery change.


Hupo Honigl Dominates Rd4 of the Mibosport Cup!

Round 4 of the Mibosport Cup series kicked off at Hrotovice in the Czech Republic. Tekin factory driver Hupo Honigl would Tq 2wd Buggy with his Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen3 powered Xray Xb2 buggy. Great racing in the main would have Hupo Honigl taking the overall win after a great battle with Kaja Novotny. Fellow Tekin teammate Peter Loncsar would finished 3rd on the podium with his Tekin RSX Redline Gen3 powered Yokomo Yz2Ca.

Pic courtesy of NeoBuggy

Hupo Xb2 6.5 Setup Mibosport RD4

Hupo Xb2 6.5 Setup Mibosport RD4

291.49 KB 202 downloads
Peter Loncsar 2WD RSX Gen3 6.5 Setup

Peter Loncsar 2WD RSX Gen3 6.5 Setup

292.39 KB 214 downloads

2WD results:

Hupo Honigl (TQ) – Tekin/XRAY XB2
Kaja Novotny – XRAY XB2
Peter Loncsar – Tekin/Yokomo
Daniel Kobbevik – Yokomo
Marcel Rekettye – Yokomo
Adam Izsay – Schumacher
Tristan Hackl – Associated
Max Gotzl – XRAY XB2
Martin Kreil – XRAY XB2
Sascha Klug – XRAY XB2

The 4wd buggy race was nearly a mirror image of the 2wd buggy race. Again Kaja Novotny would make a few costly mistakes allowing Hupo Honigl to take the win ahead of Novotny in A1. A2 yet Another mistake by Novotny giving Hupo the win and overall victory. Tekin teammate Peter Loncsar would miss the podium but finish a very strong 5th overall in his Tekin powered Yokomo. Both drivers choosing the Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen3 motors to power them at the race.

Pic courtesy of NeoBuggy

Hupo Xb4 5.5 Setup Mibosport RD4

Hupo Xb4 5.5 Setup Mibosport RD4

291.19 KB 207 downloads
Peter Loncsar 4WD RSX Gen3 5.0 Setup

Peter Loncsar 4WD RSX Gen3 5.0 Setup

292.38 KB 209 downloads

4WD results:

  1. Hupo Honigl – Tekin/XRAY XB4
  2. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB4
  3. Daniel Kobbevik – Yokomo
  4. Max Gotzl – XRAY XB4
  5. Peter Loncsar – Tekin/Yokomo
  6. Christian Landl – XRAY XB4
  7. Jan Kruisz – XRAY XB4
  8. Lacko Toth – XRAY XB4
  9. Marcel Rekettye – Yokomo
  10. Adam Izsay – Schumacher


Torey Heath checks in from the NCC Anniversary Crawl!

Tekin Factory driver Torey Heath checks in from the NCC Anniversary Crawl:

“Nor Cal Crawlers 2nd Anniversary Crawl on 1-21-17 was a great event , with 94 drivers and over 100 people in attendance (in bad weather mind you ) it was a huge success ! The feed back on the course was all positive which makes me happy ! So back at “Tent city ” (base camp ) after the 260 gate course there was a hot dog lunch with a great Monster Jam that Jim Prestwood built and set up for us ( only thing I drove in and had a blast ! ) after “jammin” we moved onto the raffle which was huge and id like to thank all these great sponsors for there generous donations !!!”  Torey Heath














Also I’d like to thank those that drove from afar to attend this epic event !

And last but not least I’d like to thank Jeremy , Brandt , Jon and Ryan for helping set up the course , you guys did an awesome job !!!


Stanton and Bricker win big at the 3rd Annual Bean & Cornbread Race

February 4th and 5th Tekin team rivers Brian Stanton and Shawn Bricker would race at the 3rd Annual Beans and Cornbread Bowl at Lawton RC Raceway and Hobby. This is a bull-ring dirt oval track with tons of competition, 110 total entries and multiple heats in all classes it was sure to be a great time.

Brian Stanton recaps his win in the Midwest Mod class:

“I took my time in the early laps, passing when I could I jumped to 2nd on lap 4, then rode cleanly for many laps knowing my car was really good. On lap 29 of a 50 lap run, I found an opening and took the lead and that was all she wrote.  I finished the only 50 lap run in Midwest Mod for the whole week.”  Brian Stanton used the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 line of motors.

Brian continues with his Mod Sprint run:

“At the tone, I made the most of my pole position start and jumped to a comfortable lead which I would need on a tight track with 8 open wheel sprinters circling around.  I made a small mistake which let 2nd place get within a straight of me, but then coming up on a string of lap cars I tried to force it in and clipped the pipe, sending my car tumbling and losing precious time on the 42nd lap of a 52 lap run.  I was able to maintain 2nd place, but couldn’t catch back up for the win, having to settle for 2nd place.”  Brian again used the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 series of motors.

Shawn Bricker recaps his SC Mod win:


“SC Modified I was able to make two of the three heats. I used the Tekin RX8 Gen2 ESC and Pro4 4600kv motor. After second heat I was sitting second in qualifying. The third heat I ran the fastest race to date at this track and was good enough for the track record except I came in second. Qualified second for the main. In the main I ran a patient but fast paced start of the race. I stayed clean and made it to the lead where I maintained for the win and a new track record.” Shawn

Kyle Turner Double Podiums at RROC!

Tekin factory driver Kyle Turner made a huge statement at the 2017 RROC held at OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach, CA.  With a packed house and entry’s filled to capacity everyone racing in the “Open” non invitational divisions had their work cut out for them.

Kyle managed to set a few Tq runs early on in the 4wd Buggy Open division with his Tekin RSX 5.5 Redline Gen3 powered Xray buggy. He would take 2nd overall in this heavily contested division and setting the tone for the remainder of the year with his success!  Check out his setup HERE

Kyle had similar success in the 2wd Open Mod Buggy class running a Tekin RSX 7.5 Redline Gen3 powered B6.  Check out that setup HERE

Ryan Bailey wins AZU4RC Southwest Championship Series!

Tekin team driver Ryan Bailey wrapped up the AZU4RC Southwest championship series with final round results as:

Main Final –
1.9 Trail 1st
2.2 Comp 2nd
2.2 Indy Pro 2nd

Championship series points final tallied up with Ryan taking 1.9 Trail 1st overall, 2.2 Comp 2nd overall, Indy Pro 3rd overall:

1.9 Trail 1st
2.2 Comp 2nd
2.2 Indy Pro 3rd

All 3 trucks this season ran awesome utilizing a combination of Tekin Racing motors and ESC’s RX8 Gen2, RSX,Pro4 HD, and GEN3 Brushless.

Alberto García wins Navirral Race at CARTT!

Alberto García reports on the Navirral Race was held at CARTT track.

“In Eco class, our Tekin RX8 Gen2 ESC and Tekin 1900 T8 motor offered a perfect performance in the Sworkz S35-2E to be TQ’d. We won A1 and A3 finals to secure the overall win.

With all to decide after winning A1, and Oscar Navarro (#2) won A2, we got a great batlle until last lap of A3 to decide the winner of the race.

Here the video of Eco final A3:

Top3 Eco:
1º Alberto García: Sworkz / Tekin / Jconcepts
2º Óscar Navarro: Serpent / Hobbywing / Procircuit
3º Roberto García Saez: Hotbodies / Muchmore / Procircuit