Brian "Smiley" Henn Wins ROAR Region 9 Titles powered by Tekin!

This past weekend(Aug 30-Sep 1st) was the Region 9 Roar Off-Road Regionals hosted by the largest track in the US, Thornhill RC in Hutto, Tx.  Thornhill is a massive 250×150 outdoor track that made for some great racing.  Friday was open practice.  Tekin factory driver Brian “Smiley” Henn was running Pro4 Sc, E-Buggy, and Nitro Buggy at this race.

Saturday was 4 rounds of qualifiers.  In Pro4 Sc, Henn was able to Tq the first 3 Quals and sit out the 4th. In E-Buggy, Henn Tq’ed Round 1, AE’s Jake Dellinger Tq’ed Round 2.  In the 3rd Round, Henn was able to snag Tq once again.  Heading into the last round, both drivers were going to be pushing hard for the Tq.  Dellinger was able to take Tq in the last round.  Since both had 2 Tq’s, it went to our 3rd quickest run which gave Henn Tq for E-buggy.

Sunday was main day. All electric classes did a Double A format.  In Pro4, Henn was able to win A1, and A2 securing the Roar Region 9 Title.  In E-Buggy, Dellinger and Henn had a very close battle for the majority of A1. Brian was able to grab the win by only a few seconds.  In A2, the two had an early battle brewing, but a costly mistake by Dellinger cost him some time in the last few laps.  Henn went on to take the A2 win and the Roar Region 9 Title, his 2nd of the weekend!

Brian “Smiley” Henn chose the following Tekin products:

In the SCTE 2.0- Gen 2 RX8/Pro4 HD 4300, Hotwire
In the HB D8’12 E- RX8 Gen2/Gen2 1900, Hotwire

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