RX4 Trail Prep – Tackle the Elements!


The RX4 is Trail Ready out of the box but if you plan on encountering any water, you’ll need to use the included dielectric grease on the sensor and fan ports for added protection from the elements. Don’t forget the motor sensor port! Use the included dielectric grease on both sides of the sensor plug on the wire side. This will help keep the pins isolated from each other and prevent shorting through water.

Apply grease to the sensor port on the RX4 and plug the sensor wire in.

Should you need the fan or want to run a HotWire 3.0, try to avoid as much water as you can as neither are waterproof. Apply grease to the fan/data port, wire side of the fan plug and plug the fan or HotWire 3.0 into the RX4.

Note that it is much easier to solder the wires on the RX4 before mounting the fan, otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll melt part of the fan structure. All of these steps can be done after you mount the RX4 in your rig. Stay tuned for a short article on trail prepping your brushless motor!


-Ty Campbell

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