Snowbirds Update

Jason Schreffler sits 2nd in 1/12 10.5 after3 rounds of quals:

Jeff Cuffs Tq’s the 1/12 17.5 Class!  Smyka(privateer) 2nd, EA(privateer), Kenny Lambert 7th, Carissa Smyka 10th(mickey ears).

1/12  Mod has both Donny Lia and Chris Tossolini in the show after 4 rounds of quals.

13.5 TC Foam Wes Lion sits 3rd.

13.5 TC Rubber  Hason Schreffler has the TQ after 3 rounds, Larry Fairtrace sits 3rd, Barry Baker 4th, Jeff Cuffs 8th .

17.5 TC Rubber Jeff Cuff is Tq after 3 rounds, Lambert 7th, EA(privateer) in 10th.

M Class Mike Hanulec is Tq after 3 rounds.

Mod TC Rubber Chris Tossolini sits 6th.

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