The First Annual “Clay Pit” Challenge at our track this past weekend. There were over 90+ entries. Ron Atomic managed to TQ both 4wd Mod Buggy and 2wd od Buggy. Ron ran out of tire in the 2wd buggy A1 main to finish second. A2 buggy main did not go as planned as Ron once again had a tough main choosing the wrong tires. In A3 Ron was closer with his tires but had to settle for 2nd overall as the copetition was feirce. In 4wd things were exciting. A1 started well as Ron held the lead for a bit then started making mental errors and swapping it back and forth with Chris Allison(the shop owner). Chris got the better of Ron through traffic and Ron ended up second in A1. In A2 Ron went from 1st to last as he cased the first triple. Ron managed to fight his way back through the cars to end up second. Luckily for Ron there was a different winner than A1. Going into A3 it was a toss up. There were 4 cars with a chance at the overall title. Chris and Ron swapped the lead a couple of times in the first minute or so, then Ron strapped it up and checked out, setting the fasted time of the weekend and Taking the overall win(decided by a tie break).

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