Tyler Hooks wins the 4wd 13.5 ROAR National Championship!

Tyler Hooks recaps his first ROAR National Championship:

“Well it has been a couple of days so I guess we should recap this shindig. Last weekend was the ROAR Nationals and I decided to run all the stock classes with Tekin Racing products at the event. To preface this, we showed up with Tekin Spec R‘s and Tekin RS Pro Be‘s straight from the package1, I don’t know how to use a motor analyzer, I don’t know proper shimming2, and the stock rotor seemed good enough3. This stuff was box stock. We set the timing to 50 ish degrees on every motor and let er rip.

To my surprise considering we didn’t really know what we were doing and just went off of the gearing Mr. Pike4 suggested, my stuff was fast, like really fast. There was a massive quad on the layout and I had no issues making it in either 13.5 4wd or 17.5 buggy. I was even able to make it for the first 2 or 3 minutes in truck which was as long or longer than any other brand.

I made one brake setting change on my wheeler after talking with Mr. Pike5 but otherwise left my stuff alone and could just focus on setup and trying not to fly off the track. I was able to 2nd seed all three stock classes, take the TQ in stock buggy, as well as 2nd starting spot in 13.5 4wd and 17.5 truck, and take the win in 13.5 4wd with a 2nd in 17.5 buggy and truck. It was an extremely successful weekend and I can’t thank everyone at Tekin enough. These products are no joke so if you have any questions feel free to reach out!” Thanks, Tyler

Tyler Hooks as most of you may know has been up and coming for quite some time. Known for this good attitude at the track, well put together cars, and overall positive attitude towards R/C racing in general. It’s been my personal pleasure working with him to improve his racing program using Tekin products. His results at the 2018 ROAR nationals using “off the shelf” equipment is what we at Tekin strive to provide not only our race team, but our customers. Tyler Tq’d and ultimately won his first ROAR National Championship with the Tekin RS Pro BE ESC; the ESC with the lowest on resistance of ANY competition ESC on the market today paired with the Tekin Spec R motor which are products you can pick up at any hobby shop or online retailer knowing your “off the shelf” purchase can compete at the highest levels of R/C racing today! Randy Pike, Tekin team manager.

Tyler’s RS Pro BE Setups:

Additional pictures of Tyler’s cars bodies off showing his installation of his Tekin RS Pro BE ESC’s, Tekin RS Gen2 ESC and Spec R motors:


  1. Tyler did decide to do run stock somewhat last minute, and picked up a Spec R from his local hobby shop and used this motor to Tq the ROARS Nats
  2. Tekin motors are shimmed properly from the factory
  3. Apparently good enough to Tq the ROAR Nats
  4. It’s “The Randy Pike” Tyler ;)
  5. The brake change was to provide more aggressive brakes, I suggested going up to 1 on Active Brake
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