Tekin’s Andrew Mowery wins MN State Championship!

Andrew Mowery wins the Minnesota On Road State Championship Series in Stock Sedan.
Mowery used the Tekin RS and Gen 2 17.5 to take 4 TQ’s and 5 wins completing an almost a perfect season and many of the races were with in tenths at the end. “Sedan was really stellar and the Gen 2 Torque 17.5 was super smooth and super fast right from the start.” Mowery

Andrew also took 2nd overall in 1/12 Mod using a Tekin RS Pro and Redline Gen2 4.5 with a of couple wins and Tq’s just a few points out of the top spot.

“I have to say Thank You for the great products and the great support. Gen 2 motors have been truly stellar with great pull and feel, better then any other motor I have run.” Mowery

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