Tekin RS Pro BE and Spec R bring Matt Olson big wins at the Turf Nationals!

Tekin factory driver Matt Olson made his way out to RC Madness for the 2017 JConcepts Turf Nationals this past weekend. With over 270+ entries and the majority of the classes stacked nicely it was a great layout with lots of good racing for everyone to enjoy.

Matt would run two of the most heavily contested classes of racing we see today; 2wd 17.5 Buggy and 4wd 13.5.  Olson was equipped with the latest Tekin RS Pro BE and Spec R motors which he dropped into his AE rides just a day prior to travelling to the event. Not a single lap of practice until he got there.  A quick phone call to team manager Randy Pike who would set him onto the right path to get started would see him up to speed in short order.

Olson would struggle a bit with car setup in 2wd not having enough time on the track prior to the race. He’d with two other drivers who along with Matt would seperate themselves from the rest of the field. Tq and local fast guy Anthony Mazzara and Jeff  Statkicwicz would be in front of Matt who sat in P3 for the single A main.  Olson had a plan and he would share it with everyone starting on lap 1. Olson would take immediate advantage of his RS PRo BE Spec R combination and triple on over Jeff taking a the second spot.  A few laps later Matt would line up Anthony and pull the trigger with the same move tripling into the inside line to take the lead, there was no defending the pass.  Out front Matt would run clean fast lines while making sure his B6 was as wide as possible. Anthony had more corner speed for sure but Olson had enough power to pull away in straight sections while keeping it clean enough in the corners to keep the position. The 3 would nose to tail around for the next 4 minutes keeping it tight and clean, a great race to watch for sure.  Anthony looking for any opportunity would throw the dice on the last lap in the last 180 turn collecting Olson and allowing Jeff to catch back up, a super corner marhsall would free to the two cars racing to the line, Olson taking the win. Matt says “I had so much confidence in the triple during the opening few laps I figured I could get the passes and get out front. As long as I could stay clean and mistake free, it was my race to lose.”

Click here to see the Live RC video

JConcepts had a great FB Live feed, click here to watch the same race at the 5:10 mark.

Matt would also race the 4wd 13.5 Buggy class which is becoming one of the most popular classes here in the US to date.  Matt would Tq the class in dominating fashion and take the win tone to tone without any pressure from the field. Matt again chose the Tekin RS Pro BE ESC and Spec R in his AE B64.

Watch this race at the 29:00 minute mark click here

The Tekin RS Pro BE ESC proving that an entire package is truly measurable on the track. Coupled with the Spec R which is street priced around $99 with no additional a la cart features required.  This drop in and go system should be available to you through your favorite hobby shop or online retailer by the time you read this.


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