Tekin powers Tjepkema to win at the Pacific Northwest Short Course Shootout!

The Pacific Northwest Short Course Shootout was held in Burlington Wa. August  17th  2013 with 62 entries.

Jayson Tjepkema ran Pro4 4wd Short Course which was by far the biggest class of the weekend. Tjepkema was able to take TQ in both the first qualifier and again in the second qualifier locking up over all TQ. Tjepkema was the only one to run fifteen laps at the event and did so in both qualifiers.

Jayson took the win in A1 and I was just .06 of a second from lapping second place! Jayson would go onto dominate A2 and again was just .211 of a second from lapping second place again.That locked up the win for Jayson for the weekend.

 “My Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and Tekin Pro4 HD 4300 motor. Gave me the power and reliability needed to take the win. While others had high temp issues and failures my Tekin products ran flawless all weekend.”

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