Kyle Turner Double Podiums at RROC!

Tekin factory driver Kyle Turner made a huge statement at the 2017 RROC held at OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach, CA.  With a packed house and entry’s filled to capacity everyone racing in the “Open” non invitational divisions had their work cut out for them.

Kyle managed to set a few Tq runs early on in the 4wd Buggy Open division with his Tekin RSX 5.5 Redline Gen3 powered Xray buggy. He would take 2nd overall in this heavily contested division and setting the tone for the remainder of the year with his success!  Check out his setup HERE

Kyle had similar success in the 2wd Open Mod Buggy class running a Tekin RSX 7.5 Redline Gen3 powered B6.  Check out that setup HERE

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