Hupo Hönigl wraps up Austrian National Title!

The 4th round of the Austrian 1/10 Nats was held at the ERT Steyregg club in Welser Kieswerke, Austria. JConcepts Lockness tires were used as a control tire for the first asto track in this Nationals history. A quick and super high grip layout greated all the drivers.

In 2wd Mod Buggy Tekin factory pilot Hupo Hönigl would battle with local driver Philipp Marzinger.  Marzinger and Hönigl would exchange Tq runs with Marzinger taking the overall Tq with a quicker run. In both A1 and A2 Marzinger would succumb to the pressure allowing Hupo to win A1 and A2 in cruise control. Hupo ran the Tekin RSX and Redline 6.5 Gen3 motor.

pic courtesy of RedRC

Hupo was the quickest in 4wd Mod Buggy but was making too many mistakes and would start P2 with Peter Pinisch taking the Tq.  The two would battle it out in A1 finishing less than a tenth apart! A2 would would see Hupo cruise to a win with a mistake early on from Peter. A3 would would be a near repeat of A2 giving Hupo the overall win for the weekend. This would also be Hupo’s 4th win in the National series allowing him to wrap up the overall 2017 Austrian National Championship in 4wd Buggy!  2wd will be decided in the final round. Hupo again chose the Tekin RSX and a Redline Gen3 5.5 motor in his Xray ride.

pic courtesy of RedRC

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