Hupo Hönigl wins Mibosport Cup finale!

The final round of the 2016/17 Mibosport Cup was held this past weekend in Hrotovice, Czech Republic. Over 150 drivers competing in the both electric on-road and electric off-road classes. Tekin factory drivers Hupo Hönigl and Peter Loncsar were in attendance.

2wd Mod Buggy would have Hupo Hönigl the overall Tq Aleš Bidovský and Kája Novotný. The challenging track layout would make for some epic battles. Hönigl woudl retain the 1st position in A1 ahead of the field.  A2 was even more exciting when Hönigl made an error on lap 1 losing a few positions and allowing Kája Novotný and Aleš Bidovský to get ahead. Hupo would make a huge push and recover the lead and taking the win. Hupo sat on A3 after tying up the overall win in the first 2 mains.  Hupo Hönigl chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 6.5T motor to power his Xray Xb2 to the overall win while running the latest v258 software.

pic courtesy of RedRC

4wd Mod Buggy would have Kája Novotný with the overall Tq with Hupo Hönigl P2.  A1 would see Novotný make a quick move on Tq Novotný.  Hönigl would win A1 with Tekin teammate Peter Loncsar behind him. Novotný would fight back in A2 taking the overall win with Hönigl 2nd.  A3 would decide the overall winner which would be between Hupo and Kája had the same number of points. Kája lead the way  but would succumb to the pressure Hönigl put on him. Hönigl would take the win followed by Novotný and Bidovský.  Hupo Hönigl would take the overall win with Kája Novotný and Aleš Bidovský  and Peter Loncsar rounding out the podium. Both Hönigl and Loncsar would run the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 line up utilizing the latest v258 software.

pic courtesy of RedRC

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