Bloomfield a solid 2nd at the Rd1 BRCA E-Buggy Nats make up race.

After having to cancel the 1st round of the E buggy Nationals due to consistent rain, we all returned a few weeks later for the re-run. It was a dry morning to start off and everyone was getting to grips with driving E buggy round a very fast high demand for power track.

Practice was done and dusted and Darren Bloomfield with his Tekin Rx8 Gen3 and T8 2050kv powered Agama A215e felt he was comfortable and was ready to get a score under his belt. He was close to achieving this but with an unlucky tangle with a slow moving back marker Darren lost some 5 seconds and with it the TQ for the round.  Still a second in the bag and a score to build on. Round 2 and all went to plan, a small change of tires to some slightly newer ones and Darren took the TQ with flying colors! It was all down to the final round of qualifying and Darren looked like he had all under control, the track was fast changing and times were visibly slower.

Darren lined up on pole for the single sided finals, A main was to be 1 10 minute leg to decide the winner. A bad start for Darren making his own mistake early saw him fall into the middle of the pack, whilst making his way through Darren was hit from behind thus making his move to the front ever more difficult. Darren with 4 minutes to go found himself overtaking cars almost every corner up into 2nd place, but with an 8 second gap he had to go completely faultless at a speed faster then current first place, with the track warming up and getting ever more slippery Darren for sure had a job on his hands, with 1 lap to go and 2 seconds from 1st place he made a hero lap to get onto the bumper of 1st, with a last corner lunge but to be sure to be clean Darren was unsuccessful at the overtake and came across the line in a close 2nd. All in all a very good score, winning him up for hopeful 2nd consecutive national tittle chase, TQ and second.

Darren chose Tekin RX8 Gen3 and Tekin 2050kv motor for this successful result.

Moss takes 3rd at the BRCA National @Telford

Tekin factory driver Simon Moss recaps the most recent BRCA Nats round:

“Telford played host to the first round of the BRCA Nationals and with 120 entries it would be close all day. Once again, my Tekin equipment worked perfectly, giving me smooth power delivery and great control through the high grip conditions. After qualifying 6th in 2wd, a 4th in leg 2 and a 2nd in leg 3 was enough to finish 3rd overall!” Simon Moss

Simon Moss 2wd 7.5 BRCA Setup

Simon Moss 2wd 7.5 BRCA Setup

498.76 KB 233 downloads

Carson & Jonathan Yeung Dominate the XMG 1/8 Buggy Opening Race

Carson & Jonathan Yeung would attend the opening 1/8 Buggy race held at the XMG Racing Track in Dongguan, China.  With just over 60 entries due to the looming weather conditions the event offered 1/8 E Buggy as well as 1/8 Nitro Buggy.

Jonathan would take the overall E-Buggy Tq position with his father Carson sitting P4 for the Amain.  Jonathan would cruise to a victory with father in two taking 2nd overall! Both drivers were using the latest Tekin Rx8 Gen3 ESC and T8 Gen2 motors both electing for the 1900kv variant. Carson and Jonathan commenting that “The new RX8 Gen3 ESC with V258 firmware working perfectly in all conditions! We are happy with the performance of Tekin Motor and ESC as the weather conditions on that day with high humidity, rain and muddy conditions that increase power units loading a lot.”


Bloomfield Takes Rd2 Win at Kent!

Tekin powered Darren Bloomfield looks to retain his 2016 BRCA E-Buggy National Championship title with a solid win at round 2 held at Kent raceway. He recaps below:

“The weekend before the annual Neo buggy race, here in the UK we were delighted with the warmest and sunniest weather we’ve seen this year, which was a perfect time to open up our E buggy national series with what was meant to be round 2 at kept however with the earlier bad weather the official Rd1 at NDOR was cancelled and rescheduled to 23rd April.

We were greeted upon arrival of a beautifully re-sculptured surface with a mix of new jumps and options but still representing the well known Kent layout. With the day format set out as 2 5 minute practices, 3 rounds of qualifying with your best 2 to count and single leg 12 minute mains.

Practice 1 went well for me, the track being very very dusty as newly laid and a lot of track markers moved here and there so essentially the same layout but with the markers in different places it is unreal how different a track can feel. With a bunch of the fastest laps in P1 and a very consistent run in P2 i would hold myself 1st after practice.

With round 1 of qualifying coming round fast all eyes were on the track to see if a possible change of tyre was the thing to do as more cars circulated the track started to clean up and a race line was becoming obvious. I chose to go with the same tyre as practice as i knew what to expect, unfortunately for me this was slightly a too safe option, i drove a very consistent run but just lacked a small bit of pace but second in the round narrowly missing out on TQ is definitely a score to carry forwards under my belt.

So around came round 2 and i had switched to our MS medium soft compound of Freeride pattern, this tire is iconically known for its super safe side bite and immense forward traction, this round I would catapult myself back up the top into the lead where i left off in practice, pulling out all the stops a turning the fastest laps on the track of the day with a handful of them into the 40’s and take one for the round with a new fastest time of the day.

Round 3 was up and all the pressure was on, with Elliott and I both scoring a 1 and a 2 each from the first two rounds this was going to be the deciding round for TQ honours. I had yet another flawless round matching my round 2 time and gaping second place for the round by almost 10 seconds.

With just a 12 minute main to decide the winner, I knew i had the speed and the consistency to hold my own and bring home the win,with an ever cleaner track the racing line had got wider and wider and my aims to keep it on its wheels and drive to the flag, I did just that from flag to flag and took the WIN on the day by 5 seconds.

I am pleased and grateful to all those involved supplying me with great products to achieve my goal, TQ and WIN what a start to attempt to hold on to my 2016 E buggy championship, I couldn’t do it without said products so underneath I have added link for you to check them out!” Darren Bloomfield

Tekin RX8 Gen3 ESC

Tekin T8 Gen2 2050kv Motor

Tekin Hotwire using v258 software

Robert Wins RC Mania Race!

The 2017 RC Mania race is a unique event as it is molded after a wrestling survivor series, two days on two different tracks, no podiums, just an overall champ of that class!  The champ of course, is awarded the belt.  After two rounds of qualifying Tekin team driver Scott Robert had set TQ in both Mod 2wd buggy and Mod 4wd Buggy!  A huge boost of confidence going into the main events.  Scott  concentrated on making clean consistent laps and while he didn’t have the hot lap, he was able to win both A main events on the turf.  This would put him in good points standings heading into the second day.





After the first round of qualifying Scott Robert was TQ in 4wd mod buggy and 4th in 2wd mod buggy. Scott would make a few changes and take TQ in Mod 2wd buggy as well.  The 4wd A main would be the first class I would be up. Scott would lead the race with a decent lead until I would hit a pipe pin on the drop down on the left side of the track breaking an arm limping around the track to finish second, but would retain overall champ for that class!  In 2wd, Scott focused again on clean consistent laps not crashing once the whole race which gave him a cushion to drive clean and win from the start!

Scott chose the Tekin RSX ESC and Redline Gen3 series of motors to power him to the RC Mania Belt!

Hupo Hönigl wins the 2017 Efra Euros!

Tekin factory driver Hupo Hönigl reports in from his big win at the 2017 1/12 Efra Euros:

“I’m super happy with the result at the 2017 efra euros 1/12th scale – finished 2nd in “mod” and won 13.5! My Tekin powered Xray cars had huge power and handled amazing on H-Speed c35 tires all around protoform AMR was my choice for down force. it was a great event at the racing arena Limburg, with the best referee and commentating job Bjarne Høllund ever beside Scotty Ernst. It also showed that 6.5 blinky is the right decision for this class, because the cars are drive able, without being slow, and racing and overtaking was possible.”  Hupo Hönigl

Hupo chose the Tekin RS Gen2 for his 1/12 13.5 car and the Tekin RSX for his 1/12 Mod car. Both were equipped with a Tekin Redline Gen3 motor.


Hupos ESC Setups:

Tekin Dominates the 29th Annual April Fools Race!

The 29th Annual April Fools race should be a “must attend” race for anyone what can manage the trip. With over 370+ entries the race was stacked with competition. Factory drivers from all the car brands were in attendance as well as many factory reps in house ready to offer assistance to anyone that needed it.  Calling the race was none other than world famous Jimmy Babcock.  The facility was in tip top shape and ready for racing with a very fun, fast and technical track that would be sure to separate the fast from the fastest.


Tekin was in attendance with Randy Pike offering help to anyone who needed it. Lots of v258 software updates were made and many tweaks helped anyone running Tekin go that much faster. Team Drivers such as Matt Olson and local boy Joe Eaton would take full advantage of the resources offered to stamp their names on Tq in both 17.5 2wd Buggy, and 4wd 13.5 Buggy for Matt Olson, and 13.5 2wd Buggy for Joel Eaton.







Matt Olson would dominate all 4 round of qualifying in both 17.5 2wd Buggy and 4wd 13.5 Buggy running his Tekin powered AE vehicles. Supporting a full host of MIP parts some yet to be released Olson was focused on clean consistent qualifying.

One of only a small handful of drivers successfully clearing the triple on the track in 4wd running the Tekin RS Gen2 and Redline Gen3 13.5 RPM motor equipped with a yellow high torque tuning rotor. Starting from the Tq position Matt would make an uncharacteristic bobble on the first turn allowing P2 Charlie Cavalier to take the position. The two would make contact putting Olson over the pipe into another lane. Matt would wait and give up not only the 2 positions gained, two additional positions to solidify doing the “right” thing and continue racing. Cavalier would make a mistake also over the right corner table top allowing Olson and the field to catch up. Olson would get by and simply check out on the field to claim the overall win!

Olson would sweep qualifying in the 2wd 17.5 Buggy class as well. Again running the Tekin RS Gen2 ESC and Redline 17.5 RPM motor and yellow rotor.  From the Tq position Matt would run a great race making only a few small bobbles while the racing behind was simply intense. Jimmy Babcock had his hands full calling this race and did a phenomenal job doing so allowing Matt to get through traffic unharmed to take the overall win!

Pic courtesy of IRCR

Tekin factory driver and local fast guy Joel Eaton, also the owner of Addiction RC would take the overall Tq in the 2wd 13.5 Buggy class. Joel’s Tekin RSX Redline Gen3 13.5 RPM motor was equipped with a yellow rotor.  Joel would make an early mistake in the single A main format but would never lose sight of the top 2. Joel pushed causing errors in front of him. Cavalier would make a mistake and Eaton would sneak by with only 1 minute left. Eaton would put his head down tripling with only himself and Cavalier in chase even attempting this late in the race. Eaton would clear it fine with Cavalier spinning the tires and casing it on the last lap allowing Joel to cruise to the line winning the overall 13.5 2wd buggy title!

Matt Olson 13.5 4wd Buggy Motor Setup

Matt Olson 13.5 4wd Buggy Motor Setup

160.57 KB 199 downloads

Tekin’s very own team manager Randy Pike would also have some success over the weekend. Tq’ing the last round Pike would start P2 in the single A-main of 17.5 Racing Truck. Running the RS Gen2 Spec and Redline Gen3 17.5 RPM motor and  yellow rotor. Tq  Cliff Nicholson would make a first lap mistake opening the door for Pike to take the lead. Pike would have no problem taking the lead opening up a gap for the next few minutes over the field. 3 minutes into the main, Pike would get into some back traffic at the end of the straight and be off the track giving up his lead. This allowed Ron Reid to take over the lead. Both drivers managing to get through traffic for the most part. Pike would simply run out of time chasing Reid down and would have to settle for second overall.

Joel Eaton RSX 13.5 Buggy Setup

Joel Eaton RSX 13.5 Buggy Setup

286.36 KB 218 downloads
Joel Eaton RSX 7.5 2wd Buggy Setup

Joel Eaton RSX 7.5 2wd Buggy Setup

293.22 KB 219 downloads

pic courtesy of IRCR

Tekin pilot Mason Eppley would also have a great weekend finishing up 3rd in the 4wd Mod Buggy triple A’s! Mason running a Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 6.5T motor in his Xray buggy.

pic courtesy of IRCR

Mason Eppley 6.5 4wd Buggy ESC Setup

Mason Eppley 6.5 4wd Buggy ESC Setup

291.28 KB 247 downloads

The entire team was running the latest v258 software which is available here.

A ton of pictures can be found here.

“I would like to personally thank the entire IRCR crew for hosting such a great event. The Tech was ran professionally and efficiently which was awesome.  Jimmy Babcock called some great racing and ran a tight on schedule program which was refreshing and fun to watch along with.  The track was in top form every single day and having owned my own track, I can appreciate the amount of work that went into this race.  If you were at this race let’s all do them a favor and get onto Google or Facebook and leave a 5 star review for this crew and facility. I know I’ll be back for the 30th annual event next year.”  Randy Pike


Randy Pike 17.5 RT Truck ESC Setup

Randy Pike 17.5 RT Truck ESC Setup

284.37 KB 233 downloads

Potter wins Top Gun Off-Road Carpet Shootout!

Tekin’s very own customer service manager Jeremy Potter recaps his race weekend:

“This past weekend I attended the Top Gun Offroad Carpet Shootout held at the Benton County Fairgrounds. Practice went well, breaking in the tires and learning the track as traction got higher and higher with more laps being put down by everyone. There was 4 rounds of qualifying with rocket round format being used. At the end of Q4 I would start in P3 for 4wd Mod Buggy with my Xray XB4 ’17 and P4 in 2wd Mod Buggy with the Xray XB2 CE ’17.

In 2wd Buggy, the racing was really tight and close from front to back. I was able to take the win in A1 and A3 to secure the overall victory.  Both systems ran flawless in very demanding conditions. My Tekin powered XB2 CE ’17 was equipped with a Tekin RSX esc and Gen 3 8.5t motor utilizing the new V258 software.

In the triple A’s of 4wd Buggy I would finish 2nd in A1 and A2 and in A3 was able to finish it off with the victory and a 2nd place overall in the class. My Tekin powered XB4 ’17 was equipped with a Tekin RSX esc and Gen 3 Redline 5.5t motor running V258 Software.


Hupo Hönigl wins Mibosport Cup finale!

The final round of the 2016/17 Mibosport Cup was held this past weekend in Hrotovice, Czech Republic. Over 150 drivers competing in the both electric on-road and electric off-road classes. Tekin factory drivers Hupo Hönigl and Peter Loncsar were in attendance.

2wd Mod Buggy would have Hupo Hönigl the overall Tq Aleš Bidovský and Kája Novotný. The challenging track layout would make for some epic battles. Hönigl woudl retain the 1st position in A1 ahead of the field.  A2 was even more exciting when Hönigl made an error on lap 1 losing a few positions and allowing Kája Novotný and Aleš Bidovský to get ahead. Hupo would make a huge push and recover the lead and taking the win. Hupo sat on A3 after tying up the overall win in the first 2 mains.  Hupo Hönigl chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 6.5T motor to power his Xray Xb2 to the overall win while running the latest v258 software.

pic courtesy of RedRC

4wd Mod Buggy would have Kája Novotný with the overall Tq with Hupo Hönigl P2.  A1 would see Novotný make a quick move on Tq Novotný.  Hönigl would win A1 with Tekin teammate Peter Loncsar behind him. Novotný would fight back in A2 taking the overall win with Hönigl 2nd.  A3 would decide the overall winner which would be between Hupo and Kája had the same number of points. Kája lead the way  but would succumb to the pressure Hönigl put on him. Hönigl would take the win followed by Novotný and Bidovský.  Hupo Hönigl would take the overall win with Kája Novotný and Aleš Bidovský  and Peter Loncsar rounding out the podium. Both Hönigl and Loncsar would run the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 line up utilizing the latest v258 software.

pic courtesy of RedRC

Hanna wins the Serpent Challenge

The Serpent challenge held by The Track in Gaithersburg MD. Friday we were able to practice from noon till about 8 that night. The track was pretty slick from the water that was put down the night before.

Saturday we ran three rounds of qualifying taking your best overall 6 min run. In both 2wd and 4wd, Griffin Hanna was able to get the TQ spot!

In the 2wd, Griffin would trade places a few times with local guy Enzo Albertoni. At the end Griffin was able to get the win! Griffin ran the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 7.5T motor.

In 4wd, Griffin got spun out early on but was able to catch back up and take the lead. He traction rolled and Enzo would take the lead back. With time running out,he pushed to hard and on the last lap made a mistake and gave up the 2nd spot to local fast guy Jay Drakeford. Griff finished 3rd. Griffin again chose the Tekin RSX and Redline Gen3 6.5t motor.