HotWire: v15.40.9

Firmware: 291 / 293

Unlock the full potential of your Speed Control or Servo with the HotWire 3.0 unit. Connect to Android or iOS devices for Speed Control programming using Bluetooth wireless technology without touching your car, or Windows computers and Android devices using the USB connection. The HotWire provides access to additional tools such as Data Logging, Adjustable BEC settings plus many more in-depth tuning options to fine tune the performance characteristics of your Speed Control.  The HotWire also lets you create and share tweaks and entire track/condition specific profiles with other Tekin users. Best of all the HotWire lets you download* completely new software as it is developed and upload it to your Speed Control or Servo – you get unrestricted access to upgrade your Speed Control or Servo to Tekin’s latest and newest performance mods!  Visit to get the latest software updates for all your Tekin products.







































Mobile tuning access gives you the freedom to hit the track, road or trails and take your HotWire with you. Install multiple HotWires in multiple vehicles and connect them all through the HotWire App for easy access anytime, anywhere.




- Android 4.3 & UP (device must have BLE)

- iOS 14.1 & UP


Download the HotWire software for Windows and access Tekin Speed Control and Servo programming. Gain access to Team Driver Speed Control setups as well as the ability to create, save, load and share ESC setups with friends. 

ESC Programmable Features*


Update ESC Firmware

Create, Save, Load and Share Custom ESC Profiles
Drag Brake (0-100 steps)

Brake Strength (0-100 steps)
Brake Minimum (0-30 steps)

Active Drag (ON/OFF)
Active Braking (0-6 steps)

Brake Frequency (750hz - 12kHz)
RPM Intelligent Brake Strength (0-10steps)
Throttle Minimum (0-30 steps)

Throttle Frequency (2kHz - 12kHz)

Torque Limiter (0-10 steps)
Reverse Speed (0-100 steps)

Reverse Delay (0-2seconds)

Neutral Width (0-100 steps)

Push Control (0-100 steps)

Timing Profiles 5 Preset - 2 Custom

Locked Spec Mode
Boost (0-55 steps)

Boost RPM Range (user programmable)

Turbo (0-50 steps)

Turbo Delay (0-2seconds)

Turbo Ramp (1-10 steps)
Sensored Only Mode
Dual Drive Mode

Motor Type

Brushless Modes - FWD Only / FWD-REV / FWD-REV Delay / REV Motor Rotation

Brushed Modes - FWD Only / FWD-REV / FWD-REV Delay

Voltage Cutoff - 2S, 3S, Custom Per Cell
1S LiPo Mode

Fan ON/AUTO Modes


*Comprehensive list of features, not all are available on every Tekin ESC. Refer to each ESC product page Features section for list of settings available.




Servo Programmable Features


Update Servo Firmware
Feel - Mild to Aggressive

Speed Limit

Torque (0-100%)

Torque Delay

Direction - Normal / Reverse

Center Point


Soft Starting Speed & Torque

Max Temp Alarm

Low Voltage Alarm

Over Voltage Alarm

Bind Relief

Fail Safe Speed and Position

Set Custom Servo Name




Tekin HotWire runs on the following Windows operating systems:


- Android 3.1 & Up

- Windows XP

- Windows Vista (32 bit & 64 bit)

- Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit)

- Windows 8* (32 bit & 64 bit) *Requires .NET 3.5

- Windows 10* (32bit & 64bit) *Requires .NET 3.5

(To run on Mac try using Bootcamp or Parallels)

Available on PC and some Android devices, on board Data Logging with the HotWire brings you all the info you need to know about your last run! Record a few laps or a pull down the drag strip and review the data on a PC or Android device immediately afterward. Monitor ESC, battery and motor performance so you can get the most out of your system and keep your setup tuned perfectly!



Battery Ripple
ESC Temperature
Motor Temperature


Part #: TT1452

Dimensions: 1.02 x 0.93 x 0.38"  / 26 x 23.75 x 9.75mm

Connect via PC, Netbook, Android and iOS Devices
Connect to Tekin ESCs via Bluetooth and USB
Connects to all Tekin GEN2+ ESCs with EZ Data Port
Connects to Tekin Servos with included Adapter
Quick and Easy Installation
Option to Leave Installed in Vehicle
Make ESC Adjustments on-the-fly (OTF)
Connect Multiple HotWire 3.0 Devices

Datalogging Capabilities

LED Status Indicator

USB Cable Included

Free HotWire Software and ESC/Servo Firmware Updates

180-Day Factory Warranty and Support

Access to Team Driver ESC Profiles




HotWire 2.0

Part #: TT1451

Dimensions: 1.02 x 0.93 x 0.38"  / 26 x 23.75 x 9.75mm

Weight: .30oz / 8.4g


Connect via USB to PC and most Android Devices
Connects to all Tekin ESCs and Servos via Receiver Wire
Connects to GEN2+ ESCs via Data Port using TT3825 Adapter
Tune ESC and Servos to your liking

Datalogging Capabilities

LED Status Indicator

USB Cable Included

Free HotWire Software and ESC/Servo Firmware updates

180-Day Factory Warranty and Support

Access to Team Driver Speed Control Profiles

Create, Download and Share Custom Speed Control Profiles


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