If you need to return a product for us to repair, you must follow these instructions:


Service is no longer available on the following items:

 - Speed Control Models pre-dating the G11

 - All Battery Chargers


Step 1) Email us at: service [at] teamtekin [dot] com to obtain a Return Authorization number.


*Dealers and Distributors*

You will need a separate RA# for each item being sent in. Please let us know how many you will be returning.


*Non-Dealers and Distributors*

One customer with multiple items only needs on RA#.

Two or more customers sending items together each need  a separate RA#.


Step 2) Print and fill out the Request for Service Form
(PDF Format)


*Prices subject to change. Obtain a new form for every service shipment.


Step 3) Send us your Request for Service Form along with your item(s) to be repaired. All service items must be accompanied with your RA# and completed Service Request Form. If you are claiming warranty, you must include a copy of the receipt of purchase. Items sent in without the proper documentation will not be serviced until required information is provided.


If you ship to us via FedEx or UPS mail to:


Tekin, Inc.

Service Department

165 Commerce St.

McCall, ID 83638


If you ship to us via US Postal Service mail to:


Tekin, Inc.

Service Department

PO Box 2189

McCall, ID 83638



Any products received with a clipped receiver wire will be subject to an additional $10 service fee, warranty or non-warranty. Please help us help you get your service back in a timely manner.


All items will be repaired in the order they are received. Our goal is to service your item as timely as possible. Please allow 7-10 business days from the time we receive your item for us to process. Processing time does not include shipping.


All repairs will be shipped back to you US Postal Service First Class unless you request special instructions on the request form.


Any items sent in without the proper documentation/information will not be serviced. We will not contact you and ask for the required paperwork or for information requested that you leave blank. Items sent in incorrectly will be held as unclaimed property for 60 days before being considered abandoned.




TEKIN, INC. guarantees speed controllers and motors to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 180 days from date of purchase, when verified by sales receipt.

TEKIN, INC. guarantees servos to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 365 days from date of purchase, when verified by sales receipt.

This warranty does not cover: suitability for specific application, components worn by use or improper voltage, tampering, misuse, or shipping. Our warranty liability shall be limited to repairing or replacing unit to our original specifications. Because we have no control over the installation or use of this product, in no case shall we be liable for damages.


Additionally, these items void the warranty:

Using product(s) in an application it was not rated for.

Exceeding the product(s) specifications.

Allowing water or moisture into the product(s).*

Failure to attach the supplied capacitor.

Incorrect wiring or use inconsistent with the instructions.

Using the same polarity connectors on the battery and motor wires from the speed controller.

*Element Proof labeled products are excluded


WARRANTY SERVICE: For warranty work, you MUST CLAIM WARRANTY on A COMPLETELY FILLED OUT PRODUCT SERVICE FORM and include a VALID CASH REGISTER RECEIPT with purchase date, dealer name & phone# on it, or an invoice from previous service. If warranty provisions have been voided, there will be service charges in accordance with the prices on our service form.


REPAIR: Before sending your item(s) in for service, please review the Instructions and Troubleshooting sections in your user manual. After reviewing these instructions, if your product(s) still requires service, please contact our customer service department for additional assistance.


NOTE: Hobby dealers or distributors are not authorized to replace TEKIN products thought to be defective.

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