HotWire: v15.40.9

Firmware: 291 / 293


HotWire 15.40.9 includes V291 ROAR, V293 DRAG, V295 DRAG and all previous available versions for Legacy ESCs.


Create, Import and Export new Custom Power Profiles. Fine tune the trigger-to-ESC response and find that perfect throttle feel.


V291 ROARV291 ROAR is to be used for On-road and Off-road Track Racing, Rock Crawling and U4 Racing. Improvements were made to the throttle and braking in V291, providing greater adjustability and consistency. Torque Control has been dialed even further so you can achieve the power curve you need on the ground and the snap needed in the air to better control your car's attitude. Tune your ESC to suit your track, vehicle and driving style!

V293V293 Eliminator is to be used for Drag Racing only. V293 is catered to Drag Racing applications with a different set of adjustments you can use to fine-tune the launch and the power curve in your drag car. Launch Power and Power Delay both work together, providing you the control you need to get down the strip as quick as possible with consistency.

V295V295 Eliminator is for the RX8 GEN3 ONLY. This update enables full sensored motor drive in the RX8 GEN3,  like the RS series. You will have access to Boost and Turbo features for running 3.5T and higher motors. We do not recommend running V295 on motors lower than 3.0T as you are at a higher risk of damaging the motor and ESC. This update voids the warranty and by updating your RX8 GEN3 to V295 you acknowledge and agree.

V291 and V293 Update is compatible with the following ESC models:


RS PRO 1S Black Edition

RS PRO Black Edition




V295 Update is compatible with:



Gain access to new improved Drag Racing features such as Launch Power, Power Delay and Launch Boost. Enhanced Data Logging now includes PWM and Battery Ripple monitoring as well as Data Points for improved Data viewing. Download and install now!





HotWire Android App works on many Android powered phones and tablets running Android 4.3 and higher. Your device must have Bluetooth function to use the HotWire wirelessly. You can run the HotWire 2.0 via a USB connection with this app. You can run the HotWire 3.0 via USB or Bluetooth connection with this app.




HotWire iOS App works on many iOS powered Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 8+. iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and newer devices can use this app for HotWire 3.0 Bluetooth connection.



For PC downloads, please visit our website from a desktop or laptop.



Older versions of the HotWire software and the ESC Firmware that was included in the build. These are retired and unsupported and it is strongly recommended that you use the most up-to-date HotWire version and Firmware version available for your ESC.


To view available firmware versions for your ESC, simply connect to the HotWire and go to Advanced. The list of available versions will be shown.

HotWire 15.25.6 - V276 & V280 Eliminator
HotWire 15.24.0 - V276 & V280 Eliminator
HotWire 15.16.1 - V276
HotWire 15.11.0 - V276
HotWire 13.4.1 - V272

HotWire 11.34 - v258
HotWire 10.26  - v255

HotWire 10.20 - v250

HotWire 9.80 - v244

HotWire 5.73  - v224

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