Some often misunderstood Radio Adjustments

“I come across many different radio systems while helping people with their Tekin esc’s. SO It’s fair to say that even I’ve had to ask the “Google” a few times to find the answer I’m looking for. So here are a few things I’ve learned over the years.”  Randy Pike

ATL: Low-side only trim adjustment. Throttle trims on most radio systems are ATL, allowing the trim to affect only the idle and not the high-speed engine’s settings. NOR (normal) is the other option of trim setting wherein trim movement affects the servo across its entire range of motion.

ATV/EPA/Travel: Adjustable travel volume, or end point adjustment. Adjusts the total travel in each direction of servos or esc’s. This sets the “limit” of the direction or movement to the item on the specific channel. I.e.; Ch1 is steering and adjusting this will set the “limit” of the servo travel. Ch2 is either another servo or esc.  IF you need to reduce the total brake power of your esc for example, this is the adjustment.  Most radios allow for individual adjustment of the “Hi/Throttle” or “Lo/Brake/Reverse” side.

Dual Rate: This setting sets the “Travel/EPA/ATV” of the channel you’re using. Generally used for the steering while on the track. If your car is over steering, a little reduction in your Dual Rate will help. Also lower rates are better for beginners, who tend to over control.

Exponential Rate or Expo: Offers servo/esc travel that is not directly proportional to stick or wheel travel. Control response can be adjusted to be milder below half, but becomes increasing stronger as travel approaches 100%. Great for controlling a low speed wheel spin issue.

Sub-Trim: This is a trim function on many radios, allowing trim function during set-up, and still allowing the full trim function.

ABS:  ABS is also found on some radios and can be interesting to play with. Understand that in the case of an esc it may cause erratic operation, erratic feel on the track, and loss of brakes all together.  Personally I don’t recommend it, as there are plenty of brake adjustments in your Tekin esc’s to get the brake strength and feel you need.

Common issues when calibrating a Tekin esc:

Futaba radios require that the throttle channel be reversed prior to calibration. Some KO Propo radios as well.

Don’t forget to change your epas/travels to 100/100 or if you choose maxed out. When doing this there’s essentially more resolution with the higher figures some radios provide, but I choose 100/100 so when I talk to another racer I can say “I have my brakes at 80% on my radio” and it’s something they can match on their equipment.  Also note that on some radios a “Brake Strength” adjustment is often on a thumb switch, it too must be set back to 100% before calibrating as it’s essentially adjusting the “Lo/Brake/Reverse” EPA/Travel/ATV setting just under another name.

Having the esc plugged into the wrong channel of the receiver or plugged in backwards. Don’t laugh; I’ve seen it a hundred times.

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