Motor Mounting Screw Length

One thing we see from time to time on customers motors who send them in for service is the use of incorrect length motor mount screws resulting in a near motor short or actually shorting the motor which in turn caused an ESC failure as well as damaging the motor. Its very easy to mistaken screws when assembling your vehicle, so its very important to follow these easy steps in order to protect your electronics.

20160601_160838T8 Motor Pic: This T8 Gen 2 motor was nearly shorted out by screws that were too long. The white isolator tab luckily saved the screw from digging into the windings underneath.

The instruction manual for your specific kit should list or in most cases include the correct length screw you will need to use. If for whatever reason your manual doesn’t list the screw length or your using some sort of conversion kit that doesn’t include those screws and has no instructions listing what screws to use for there motor mount, you should start with a M3 x 6mm screw for 1/10 applications and a M3/M4 x 8mm for 1/8 and 4×4 SC platforms.

**Please double check to make sure your using the correct length screw when installing your motor to the motor mount.**


Redline Pic: This Redline Gen 2 motor was shorted when we received it from the customer. When taking off the endbell you can see where they kept threading the screw in until it dug into the side of the can and copper windings under the red isolator tab.

Owners Manual Pic: This page of a HB Racing D413 instruction manual shows which screws are to be used with the motor mount and even supply them in the kit.

-Jeremy Potter

-Tekin Customer Service Manager

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