Keep your motor looking new!

Often times we get customers sending motors in for service with dents, dings and rough spots on the bottom of their motor cans.

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This is mainly contributed to the large amount of chassis and motor mount flex these vehicles encounter lap after lap. A simple and effective way I have found to help minimize the flex and potential damage to these motors is to place a “Motor Pad” on the chassis just under the motor, more so near the back of the can where the flex is the greatest.


Every platform will have a different gap between the chassis and motor so the thickness of the pad will differ. You want the pad to be high enough so that the amount of flex is minimal, but not too high so that the pad causes the motor to sit unnaturally in the motor mount. Depending on the gap between the motor and chassis I have used everything from a single layer of double sticky tape to the thicker “Gyro Gel” style tape. On the buggy shown in the picture here two layers of servo tape were needed to create a minimal gap. I leave the red part on the tape so that dirt won’t be attracted to the sticky part and create a sandpaper effect on the can of the motor.

With this quick and easy addition, your motor will not only look better, but also it will eliminate unnecessary motor flex and stress it will encounter as you make your way around the track.

-Jeremy Potter
Tekin Customer Service Manager

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