NCT Round 1 is in the books!

Round #1 of the Northwest Championship Tour Spring Shootout in Wenatchee, WA is in the books. Jesse Munn qualified 2nd and won Mod 2wd buggy and TQ’d and won Mod 4wd buggy.

Brian Munn qualified 4th and won Mod truck.

Dave Gullickson TQ’d and won stock truck and qualified and finished 2nd in Mod truck(running a 17.5!).

Greg Williams 5th in stock truck, Mike Roth 7th in stock truck and 5th in Mod 4wd.

Steven Daniluk qualified 4th and finished 1st in the 15min main. My car was a Kyosho MP9 SE with a Tekin RX8 ESC, Tekin 2050kv motor followed by Mike Roth taking 5th.

The First Annual “Clay Pit” Challenge at our track this past weekend. There were over 90+ entries. Ron Atomic managed to TQ both 4wd Mod Buggy and 2wd od Buggy. Ron ran out of tire in the 2wd buggy A1 main to finish second. A2 buggy main did not go as planned as Ron once again had a tough main choosing the wrong tires. In A3 Ron was closer with his tires but had to settle for 2nd overall as the copetition was feirce. In 4wd things were exciting. A1 started well as Ron held the lead for a bit then started making mental errors and swapping it back and forth with Chris Allison(the shop owner). Chris got the better of Ron through traffic and Ron ended up second in A1. In A2 Ron went from 1st to last as he cased the first triple. Ron managed to fight his way back through the cars to end up second. Luckily for Ron there was a different winner than A1. Going into A3 it was a toss up. There were 4 cars with a chance at the overall title. Chris and Ron swapped the lead a couple of times in the first minute or so, then Ron strapped it up and checked out, setting the fasted time of the weekend and Taking the overall win(decided by a tie break).

Tekin Goes Huge at the 22nd Annual April Fools Race in Magna Utah!

Team Tekin dominated at the 22nd annual April Fools Classic held at IRCR in Magna Utah.

Team Driver Tony Newland Tq’d and won the 13.5 SS Truck Class using the RS Pro and Tekin Redline 13.5 motor.

Team Manager Randy Pike also Tq’d 17.5 Truck using the RS Pro and Redline 17.5 Motor.

Privateer drivers and local Aaron Tq’d and won the Pro 4 SCT devision running a Tekin RS Pro, followed in 2nd position by Tekin’s own Ty “Strapped up” Campbell!

17.5 2wd Buggy was also Tq’d and won by local Kyle Rieger using a Tekin RS.

Lloyd Dasonville also picked up a 3rd place in Factory Mod Truck running a Tekn Rs Pro and 7.5 Redline motor in his new Tq Racing ride.

And we can’t leave out the Tekin Prez. The Prez aka Jim “Prez” Campbell picked up a 3rd place in the hotly contested Masters Truck class running a Tekin RS Pro and 13.5 Redline motor.

Thanks to the IRCR crew for a great event!

Snowbirds Update all Road Quals are in!

After all rounds of quals:

1/12 10.5 Donny Lia Tq ,Jason Schreffler sits 3rd.

1/12 17.5 Jeff Cuffs Tq’s the Class! Smyka(privateer) 2nd, EA(privateer) 3rd, Kenny Lambert 7th, Carissa Smyka 10th(mickey ears).

1/12 Mod has both Donny Lia 9th and Chris Tossolini 10th in the show after 4 rounds of quals.

13.5 TC Foam Wes Lion sits 3rd.

13.5 TC Rubber Jason Schreffler is TQ , Larry Fairtrace 3rd, Barry Baker 6th, Jeff Cuffs 7th .

17.5 TC Rubber Jeff Cuff is Tq , Chris Adams(privateer) 4th , Mike Hanulec 7th, Ron Goetter(privatter) 9th, EA(privateer) in 10th.

M Class Mike Haynes(privateer) is Tq , Mike Hanulec 2nd.

Mod TC Rubber Chris Tossolini sits 6th, Jason Schreffler 7th.

Snowbirds Update

Jason Schreffler sits 2nd in 1/12 10.5 after3 rounds of quals:

Jeff Cuffs Tq’s the 1/12 17.5 Class!  Smyka(privateer) 2nd, EA(privateer), Kenny Lambert 7th, Carissa Smyka 10th(mickey ears).

1/12  Mod has both Donny Lia and Chris Tossolini in the show after 4 rounds of quals.

13.5 TC Foam Wes Lion sits 3rd.

13.5 TC Rubber  Hason Schreffler has the TQ after 3 rounds, Larry Fairtrace sits 3rd, Barry Baker 4th, Jeff Cuffs 8th .

17.5 TC Rubber Jeff Cuff is Tq after 3 rounds, Lambert 7th, EA(privateer) in 10th.

M Class Mike Hanulec is Tq after 3 rounds.

Mod TC Rubber Chris Tossolini sits 6th.

Phil Marbella sits 2nd after 3 rounds in 1/12 10.5, Jimmy Flack sits 2nd in 13.5 COT, Phil also sitting 5th in 21.5 Nas Truck…

Snowbirds Update

Tekin is laying it down in qualifying. After the 1st round of qualifying Tekin’s:

Jason Schreffler sitting in 3rd in 1/12 10.5 GTP.

Jeff Cuffs along with Kenny Lambert are sitting 2,3 in 1/12 17.5 GTP.

Wes Lion is sitting 2nd in 13.5 Foam TC.

Barry Baker is sitting 1st in 13.5 Rubber TC followed closely by Jason Schreffler in 2nd with Jeff Cuffs in 4th.

Jeff Cuffs sitting 3rd in 17.5 Rubber TC.

Chris Tossolini is sitting in 4th in Mod TC Rubber.

More to come…

Team Driver Jeff Cuffs fastest in controlled practice in 17.5 TC Rubber, Barry Baker fastest in Mod TC Rubber, Jason Schreffler fastest in 13.5 TC Rubber.