Pete Waydo heads the M-Chassis enduro class!

The M-Chassis Enduro at the Tamiya Track went great and was some of most fun I’ve ever had RC racing. Our team of club racers was running a solid 6th out of 16 entries behind a bunch of TCS greats and the likes of Barry Baker! We were like the Bad News Bears. Our gearbox gave up at about hour 5 and the repair cost us a couple of positions taking nearly 45 minutes to repair.

The FX — it performed flawlessly for the entire time, and only occasionally showed 3 LEDs running on asphalt on a 100-degree day. We were one of the few teams that went the distance on just one motor and I’m know the FX was a big part of that allowing superior brushe/comm wear using the required Tamiya silver can motors.

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