Kev Lee takes the win at the European indoor race held at Black Country Arena

The European indoor race takes place yearly at an indoor facility in a town called Charlerio. It’s a technical indoor astroturf track open to club member 24 hours a day for practice so there are a lot of fast local guys. There are also a lot of top drivers that attend from the uk, germany and france. Its the first time ive been there and I felt pretty slow when I arrived compared to the locals!

There was a serious amount of running too! 1 day of free practice and then 8 qualifiers and 6 finals in both classes so the motors were worked hard! I won 2wd which I’m quite pleased with considering my qualifying wasn’t great ending up 6th on the grid!

I was running  my Tekin Powered Vega conversions for the kyosho rb5. It’s an alloy machined inboard motor car. I used a Redline 7.5 Motor with the following setup:
212 software:

Dual mode,Db 10%, bs 100%, tp 4, Lm 90%, Nw 8%, default start and end rpm, Timing 80%

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