Tekin Dominates 17th Annual Snowbirds Nationals (Road Course)

Roar Course Report!
by Randy Pike

This was to be my first ever Snowbirds Nationals. I must admit that I was going in a little intimidated. Racing from 5am until after midnight on some nights sounded a little crazy to be honest. However once I showed up late Monday evening I felt a lot better. I got no sleep the first night as I was far too excited to hit the track with 2 cars I’d never driven. My WGT was not ready nor was my T.O.P TC ride for the weekend. I spent the first round making sure the team had what they needed to hit the ground running. Rd 2 was up sooner than I expected however EJ Evans from TOP made sure I was ready to run. Having no local racetracks with carpet let alone carpet with this much bite made for a very steep learning curve. Luckily for me I was running blinky stock and already knew the right ratio for the Tekin Redline 17.5 I was using.

Qualifying began with the track slowly but surely getting more and more traction. People started traction rolling and having tight cars. Lucky for me EJ Evans from TOP Racing was there to keep me on the right path with my TOP TC rent a ride. My WGT car was expertly wrenched on by fellow Speedmerchant drivers Tim, Joel, and Steve . This allowed me focus on the team. Thanks guys!

Team Drivers were looking fast right out of the gate exchanging Tq’s in nearly every round with fellow team drivers as well as privateer Tekin users. Tekin Driver Eric Anderson would Tq Stock TC with his X-ray. Josh Cyrul would Tq WGT running a Tekin RS Pro in his Cefx ride. Andrew Knapp Tq’d 1/12th GTP 17.5(blinky) with a Tekin RS Pro powered CRC car as well take Tq honors in 1/12th GTP 13.5. Mike Haynes would take his Tekin RS Pro powered Hot Bodies TCX to a Tq position in Expert TC 17.5.

Clearly the Tekin RS/RS Pro was the speedo of choice for nearly every class tq’ing all classes except Mod Tc and Mod 1/12 GTP.

Mains Day was here sooner than we knew it. The team was set to back up their Tq performances and win some hardware. First up was WGT with Josh Cyrul as Tq followed by Tekin Team Driver Mike Dumas. Josh would get a great start. For the first few laps Mike Dumas would slowly inch up on Josh lap after lap. He would get very close to Josh as they both started coming up to traffic. Both would get through cleanly however Dumas would tap allowing Josh to walk away leading from tone to tone.

1/12th GTP 17.5 would come to be known as 1/12th Blinky. This was a very exciting race to watch. Andrew Knapp would start from the pole and lead the entire race. Ej Evans though was not to be denied and pushed hard to catch Andrew. Kenny Lambert would also challenge for position with Ej. Kenny and Ej’s battle would slow them down enough to allow Andrew to walk away with this one.

Stock Touring a.k.a Blinky Stock would be Tq’d by Tekin Team Driver Eric Anderson. EA laid down some of the fastest laps of the weekend in this class with this Tekin Powered X-ray. Eric however would get blasted on the first turn dropping him all the way to the back of the pack. The luck would be found by Austin Harrison and Dustin Lane. These two got away the cleanest and would battle for the top spot for the rest of the race. Dustin put on a late charge but would tap allowing Austin to take the win.

Expert TC ran 17.5 boosted at this event. Tq Mike Haynes would get out in front early from his pole position and never look back. The battles would be from 2nd on down with the rest of the pack fighting for podium spots.

1/12th GTP 13.5 Expert class would see Andrew Knapp on the pole. Tekin Team Driver Mike Dumas sitting 2nd in his Tekin Powered Speedmerchant Rev 6 would be on Knapp’s bumper right off the bat. Mike’s constant pressure would eventually crack Knapp allowing for a great passing opportunity. Andrew would battle back and the pair would race down the straight away. Dumas had the inside line with Knapp on the outside one of the most exciting races of the day. Andrew would come down onto Dumas leaving him no choice but to hold his line. The two collided in one of the biggest off track incidents of the weekend! Dumas would come out the best landing on his tires and blasting back into the race. Knapp would fall back never to return to the top 3. This allowed Dumas to get back out and run on his own or so we though. Mike Blackstock would come out of seemingly nowhere to catch up to Dumas but would run out of time. Mike Dumas would take the win.

Tekin Results:

13.5 WGT: Josh Cyrul Tq and 1st place, Mike Dumas 2nd, Markus Mobers 3rd, David Erlich 4th, Mark Burt 8th.

1/12 GTP 13.5:

Mike Dumas 1st place, Markus Mobers 3rd, Donnie Lia 5th, David Erlich 6th, Andrew Knapp tq and 7th, Eric Anderson 10th.

1/12th 17.5 GTP Stock(blinky)

Andrew Knapp Tq and 1st place, Ej Evans 2nd, Kenny Lambert 3rd, Naoki Watanabe 5th, Sal Amato 6th, Larry Fairtrace 7th, Eric Anderson 10th.

Expert 17.5 TC:

Mike Haynes Tq and 1st place, Mike Dumas 4th, Austin Harrison 5th, Steve McNichols 6th,Larry Fairtrace 7th, Ej Evans 9th, Eric Anderson 10th.

Stock 17.5 TC(blinky):

Austin Harrison 1st, Sal Amato 4th, Eric Anderson Tq and 10th place.

David Joor back on track with 1/10th offroad for 2011!

“Last week Speedster Hobbies / The Clay Pit hosted the first RC Pro Electric Shootout in Cedar Park Texas. It brought several fast guys such as Mike Truhe, Chris Jarosz, David Joor, Kyle Skidmore, Dave Mangelsdorf, and Ron Atomic. With 10th scale picking up speed again with brushless and lipo technology becoming mainstream these days, this race had a healthy attendence of 160+.

I (David Joor) finsihed 2nd overall in 2wd Modified behind the TQ/1st of Mike Truhe and Chris Jarosz finishing in a very close 3rd. There were a lot of power combinations to choose from on this surface and stuck with a Tekin 13.5 and the RS Pro . The track had a lot of bite but a slight amount of dust 1 foot off the line and timing was critical for a few jumps to 180 degree turns so the lower torque of the 13.5 helped keep the car under control and it pulled like a beast down the straight. In fact the end of the straight sweeper was my personal passing point on other drivers. In stock I finished 3rd behing Truhe and Jarosz. I had the fastest laptimes in stock over the likes of Truhe and Jarosz but could just never put together a mistake free run which is what it took to win. Traffic was a crucial skill needed which I lacked practice in for sure. Stock was a spec 17.5 with the RC Pro set to TP1 for the stock mode.”

David Joor

Another great weekend for Tekin in the UK

Team Driver Mick Farrell qualified 5th and finished the final 2nd in stock just 0.2 seconds behind Andy Griffiths!

In Sport Modified Mick TQ’ed and won again!!
The Sport Modified Championship is looking good again this year. That’s two wins and a second with 3 out of 3 TQ’s for Mick Farrell!

Tekin inks deal with Durangos Ryan Lutz!

Ryan Lutz will br running Tekin Redline motors and Tekin esc’s in his Team Durango cars. Ryan has already outfitted his Dex410 1/10 4wd buggy with Tekin’s latest equipment. Ryans due to test this tuesday with Team manager Randy Pike.

Ryan had this to say “Tekin is known for having the best electronics in the industry right now. After talking with Randy my decission for electronics for 2011 was easy. I can’t wait to run my electric cars!”

Welcome to the team Ryan!

David Ronkoski tops the podium at the RCRB Fall Championship !

This was the third annual “Fall Championship” race. Tekin Team Driver Dave Ronkoski has been the 4wd Open class champion for 3 years running! For 2010 Dave was piloting his new Tekin powered Team Durango 410 in the 4wd class. First weekend out on new car Dave claims TQ in R#2 by .820 seconds, restes his own Tq in R#3 by 1.637 seconds.Top 4 Qualifiers in the “A” were separated by less than 4 seconds! It was going to be anybodies race! Dave once again finished 1st in “A” with nearly a 16 second lead and extra lap.

Dave also ran 13.5 Truck laying down Tq runs in quals1, 2 and 3. Dave made a track surface judgemet error switching tire before the A and only managed a 2nd place coming from behind with a costly spin out. Once again… My Tekin gear didn’t skip a beat all day long in this class! I had a few wanting my truck tech’d to make sure I wasn’t running a mod motor in the 13.5 Spec class. Almost every single time the truck hit the track I had people waiting for me at my pit table to ask me “What the heck did you do to that thing!”… It’s awesome to just smile and point at the Tekin gear!

Dylan Rodgriquez wins at the 6th Annual Toys for Tots race!

The 6th Annual Toys for Tots held this year where it all started at Palm Desert R/C Raceway kicked off the morning bright and early with 111 entries.

Tekin Team Driver Dylan Rodriquez Tq’d both Electric 1/8 Buggy as well as 1/8 Expert Nitro Buggy. Dylan proceeded to dominate the 1/8 Electric buggy class with a 22 10:01.71 main run. Dylan was running the Rx8 and 2050 T8 Redline motor in his Mugen/BCE Mbx6e buggy.

Photos courtesy of Neobuggy

Tekin drivers find the top spots at the 31st Annual US Indoor Championships!

Held over the holiday “weekend” of November 25-28th drivers from all over the US converge to Ohio for this annual event.

Mike Haynes wins Mod TC and finishes 2nd in 17.5 TC open esc with his Hotbodies TCX.

Andrew Knaap Tq’s and wins 1/12 GTP Stock(CRC) followed by teammates Larry Fairtrace 2nd(TOP), Kenny Lambert in 3rd(CRC), and Mark Calandra in 4th(CRC).

Mike Haynes placed 2nd in 1/12 13.5 GTP(Speedmerchant) followed by teammates Kenny Lambert(CRC) 4th , Andew Knaap in 7th(CRC), and Jason Schreffler(TOP) in 9th.

Wayne Gerber Tq’d and won Masters 1/12 GTP in his CRC car.
The entire team was using the Tekin RS Pro with Vegas software supported with the Howtire USB device.
Congratulations guys!