The Weyers brothers double up at Revolution Raceway in Appleton!!

Brian’s Amain recap:

“I qualified 1st,TQing the Mod truck A-main. I had a good hole shot off the line with 8 other Mod Trucks be hide me. Leading the first lap I went down the hill from the counting corner and went over the doubles and spun out. I got the truck turned around and was now in fifth place. Mike Weyers and Jason Hills were battling it out for first. I was going over a jump on the left side of the track. When I saw second place Jason Hills going down the back straight. I bumped the tube in that corner just as Jason caught the tube up by the counting stand. By the time I got going again time had run out on the five minute race.I finished 3rd.

It was fun racing my Tekin teammate and brother Mike Weyers. He knew I was coming for him. I was happy to see Mike win the A-main.”

So Brian TQ’d mod truck and took 3rd for the A main. Mike Weyers qualified 3rd and got first in the A main. Not a bad weekend!

Motorama Crawling is full of Tekin!

Motorama was once again full of tough competition. Crawlers from all over gathered for this very unique event.
Arthur Bell reports: 

“Next up was 1.9 Pro, this time only the top 5 were advancing and I was ready as I drove my first course my goal was only to complete it, it was a tough course but I finished with a 14, on to the next one with a little more confidence in my rig and finished with a-2. As I approached my third and final course the judges were calculating, to make the top 5 I needed to get negative score, -7 would do, I looked at them and said, ” no pressure, eh??”. I put my rig in it’s place on the course and started, gate one was no issue but as I approached gate two a wheel got stuck in a hole and flipped my truck upside down!! I took a breath and just tried to work it out, using the throttle to rock the rig back and forth so it would flip itself back over, now I was worried that the timer was getting low, and finally it righted itself!! I still had 4 more gates to go!! Ok, back to work!! Finally got lined up and drove gate 2 without a problem and managed to drive the remaining gates without issue, finished!! Thinking I had blown my chances, I looked up at the Judge and asked what I got. Chris from RC Driver magazine was the Judge, and he said “thanks a lot, you got a -7 and bumped me from the top 5!!” We shared a laugh and then turned my final score in. It was good enough not only for top 5, but 3rd place!! As I was the last one to run, it was time for some food and rest, tomorrow is the top 5 finals!! Day 3: Day 3 started the same as day 2, up early, coffee, and off to the event!! The 2.2 Pro top 25 was up first and the drivers came to work! As I was judging I only able to see one course, but as usual it was brutal and difficult to navigate and kept the drivers thinking!! Soon it was over and the top 5 drivers had been determined, and all were running FXR’s!! Next up was the 1.9 top 5 finals. Due to the points gaps and points system, unless a driver had a catastrophic failure or melt down, the finishing place would most likely remain the same, and they did. I finished the day in 3rd place, which I am happy with as this was the first time I had ever driven the rig!!”

2 1.9 nitrojeff
3 1.9 PaloAltoK5 (Tekin FXR)
4 1.9 Dclinch
5 1.9 RCROCIN’

1 2.2 Renoirbud (Tekin FXR)
2 2.2 xrra_tj (Tekin FXR)
3 2.2 TURBOFEST (Tekin FXR)
4 2.2 nitrojeff 3 (Tekin FXR)
5 2.2 BullfrogRC (Tekin FXR)

More great info and pictures can be found here:

David Joor is the fastest driver at the 2011 Icebreaker held at Indy RC!

David attended the 2011 Icebreaker at Indy RC in Garland TX. This was David’s first race with his new Tekin powered RC8B’s. Qualifying was rough because I was working out learning the cars and breaking in the diffs but was always on pace to TQ with a lot of home track favorites present. David won the first two mains of electric and got 2nd in nitro 4 seconds behind Mike Battaile. “I was really happy with my new cars, they fit my driving style so look even more forward to the future.” David must have been very happy turning the fastest lap of the event with his electric buggy in Q1 with a 27.0.

Eric Anderson kills ’em at the 2011 Mid West Grand Slam finale!

The 2011 season finale of the Midwest Grand Slam series was held at R/Car Marion Fairgrounds raceway in Indianapolis, Indiana. It would be the final race of the season in the Midwest traveling race series. The format would be open practice on Friday, 3 qualifiers on Sat and 1 qualifier and Mains on Sunday. 

Arriving Friday night for a couple of hours of practice I noticed how great the facility was on my first trip there. James Reilly looked to be setting the fastest pace in stock TC in practice. After a few battery packs on the track with my Tekin powered T3’11 and XII 12th scale I felt like I was in good shape for Saturday. Arriving Saturday morning I decided to try some different tires in practice and they did not seem to be as good so back to Jaco blues for the rest of the weekend. After 1 round of controlled practice I was in the top 5 of practice times. In 12th scale I was in the top 5 as well in practice times going into the first round of qualifying. After the first round I as sitting 3rd in TC with some mistakes . In 12th scale I was in 7th and the car was not handling as I would like so I decided to make some major changes to it and skip the 2nd round of qualifying. In the 2nd round if TC I set fastest time to take the TQ and would keep it for the remainder of the event running faster in rounds 3 and 4. After some MAJOR changes to the 12th scale and a complete reconfiguration I sat the car down in the 3rd qualifier no knowing what to expect. What happened was I picked up almost 2 complete laps and TQ’d round 3 and held it throughout the weekend.

Final Qualifying order would be: TC Stock Blinky. 
TQ Eric Anderson (Xray) (Tekin) 
2nd James Reilly (Xray) 
 3rd Junior Norton 
4th Branden Shells 
5th Bill Sydor 
6th Greg Dobrosky 
 7th Randy Kastl 
8th William Jossens 
9th Rob Rabenstein 
10th Robert Dirla (Xray). (Tekin) 

12th Stock Open:
TQ Eric Anderson (Xray) (Tekin) 
2nd Brad Mergy (Tekin) 
3rd Joe Trandell (Tekin) 
4th Robert Dirla (Tekin) 
5th Steve Dunn (Tekin) 
6th Ken Miller (Tekin) 
7th Lee Harpe 
8th Sean Bushnell (Tekin) 
9th Rob Rabenstein (Tekin) 
10th Ian Ruggles 

The mains were pretty clean and I was able to get a clean start in both to lead from start to finish and make it a clean sweep in both classes. The race was ran perfect all weekend and R/Car has a wonderful facility and I hope they have some more big races there! Thanks to Tekin, RCAmerica, Xray , and Hudy ! 

 Thanks EA 

Tekin Kills ’em at the 2011 RC Pro Series Cabin Fever supercross!

This year’s Cabin Fever was held at Lucky Acres Arena in Lewiston, ID on February 11, 12 and 13. The race had an amazing turnout this go around, topping out at over 230 total entries, with Nitro Buggy and Truggy, Electric Buggy and Truggy, 4WD and 2WD Open Short Course and 4WD Modified Buggy all jam packed with competition.

1/8 E-Buggy is getting bigger in the North West, with enough racers to fill up three full mains at the Cabin this year. Tekin’s newest Driver, Taylor Petersen debuted the new Mugen MBX6e ECO powered by a Tekin RX8/2050 T8 combo, who would snag TQ followed closely by Tekin’s Jeremy Potter and his Tekin RX8/2050 T8 powered Hot Bodies Ve8.

1/8 E-Truggy is also growing and the TQ spot would be grabbed by none other that the Prez himself, Jim Campbell, followed by Tekin’s Chris DeWinter in the #2 spot and Ty Campbell in the #3.

4×4 Short Course this year was also a sizeable class with three full heats. Team Driver Jack Leighan came out on top with the TQ spot after qualifying with his Tekin Powered Jammin’. A1 and A2 were both solild runs for Jack and he locked up the top spot early, which let the other drivers fight for the A3 main.

2WD Open Short Course had outstanding entries with 45 trucks. Team Associated’s Justin Wilde and Tekin’s Ty Campbell battled it out in quals for the pole with Justin snagging the TQ spot in the 3rd qualifier with Ty close on his heels. Short Course was stacked with great drivers and the competition was intense.

A1 main was a great battle between Ty and Justin Wilde, finishing with Justin in front and Ty just .9 seconds of his bumper. A2 started a little more hectic with Ty getting punted in the first corner and dropping to 5th which let Justin and Tekin’s Jesse Munn get out in front of the pack. Ty fough back to 3rd but there was no catching the two out front and Justin locked up A2. The final main was a good one, Ty got out clean and never looked back, which secured 2nd place with the win in A3 while Prez snagged 2nd to secure 3rd overall.

With triple A-main format, it was totally up in the air who would land with the two, or in Taylor’s case, three best runs! Taylor brought the heat in E-buggy to win all three A-mains and bring home some shiny hardware for Mugen and Tekin. Jeremy Potter claimed the 2nd spot and Team Losi’s Randy Nolen the third, all three podium drivers running Tekin RX8s and 2050 T8 motors. Tekin’s Jason Hunt finished Ty and Prez finished 6th overall and 7th overall.

E-Truggy was a fight to the finish in each main, with the Prez cleaning up in A1 and Ty taking the 2nd spot. A2 switched it up a bit with Ty taking the win, followed by DeWinter in the number 2 spot and Prez in the 3. It was all or nothing in A3 between father and son! Both were off to a great clean start and proceeded to pull away from the pack, putting almost an entire lap up on the field and would finish with the Prez taking A3 and the overall with Ty right on his wing the entire race!

Just as last year, the Cabin was well ran, a great track layout, the surface was premiere and the racing was awesome. Dude and the RC Pro Series threw a great event that is getting bigger every year. Only 360 days til the next one!

*Words by Ty Campbell*

Taylor Petersen is Tekin powered and ready to take on the competition!

Newly signed Taylor Petersen will be racing the Cabin Fever Supercross Race this weekend with his new Tekin Powered Mugen Mbx6 Eco buggy! Taylor has been chomping at the bit wanting to get into this hotly contested class. When asked about his decission on which electronics to power his Mugen buggy Taylor responded  “Tekin was the obvious choice.”

Come see Tekin’s Taylor Petersen, Jeremy Potter, Ty Campbell and even the Prez this weekend in Lewiston, ID.

Kev Lee takes the win at the European indoor race held at Black Country Arena

The European indoor race takes place yearly at an indoor facility in a town called Charlerio. It’s a technical indoor astroturf track open to club member 24 hours a day for practice so there are a lot of fast local guys. There are also a lot of top drivers that attend from the uk, germany and france. Its the first time ive been there and I felt pretty slow when I arrived compared to the locals!

There was a serious amount of running too! 1 day of free practice and then 8 qualifiers and 6 finals in both classes so the motors were worked hard! I won 2wd which I’m quite pleased with considering my qualifying wasn’t great ending up 6th on the grid!

I was running  my Tekin Powered Vega conversions for the kyosho rb5. It’s an alloy machined inboard motor car. I used a Redline 7.5 Motor with the following setup:
212 software:

Dual mode,Db 10%, bs 100%, tp 4, Lm 90%, Nw 8%, default start and end rpm, Timing 80%

Tekin DOMINATES the Electric Indoor Super Regional’s !!!

The Warehouse Indoor Raceway in Helena Alabama hosted the Electric Indoor Super Regional’s this weekend. With close to 100 entries from all over the country the racing action is proving to be top notch! The largest turnouts were in Electric Pro Buggy and 2wd and 4wd Short Course classes.

The Electric 1/8 Buggy class had some standout talent from different parts of the region. Martin Harrison from Louisiana, Ryan Lopez from Georgia, and Alan Burton from Alabama are all in attendance and setting the pace for the class and running Team Tekin Equipment. After quick interviews with these guys it looks as if Ryan(Team Losi) is running a Tekin 1900kv, Martin (Team Tekin, JConcepts, and MaxAmps) also using the Tekin 1900kv, and after 4 rounds of qualifying in elec buggy Alan Burton (Team Serpent) set TQ opting to use the Tekin 1700kv motor for his Serpent Cobra 811E.

This weekend had some extreme cold temperatures which made tire choices a complicated decision. The traction changed from one run to another. After 4 rounds of qualifying Martin Harrison set TQ in elec Truggy using Tekin 2000kv motor along with Jconcepts 7’s as his tire choice and MaxAmps 6500 batteries.

On Sunday for the Mains the temperatures were in the low 30’s and again tire choices were critical. Martin Harrison was able to win the first two mains and securing the top spot in truggy. Buggy A1 found Lopez in first, Alan Burton in Second and Martin Harrison a DNF with mechanical failure. A2 Lopez was able to squeeze out another win, with Martin Harrison in second, and Alan Burton in Fourth. A3 was a battle to the end with Alan Burton taking first, and Martin Harrison finishing second. Buggy overall was Ryan Lopez in 1st , Alan Burton in 2nd, and Martin Harrison in 3rd giving Team Tekin a full podium in the electric buggy class. (words by Martin Harrison)

Michael Malott wins big at the 2nd Annual Indoor SC Truck champs!

Michael Malott

2nd Annual Indoor SC Truck champs race was hosted at Reo Raceway in Rockport, IN. The 17.5 Spec SC class has been the biggest class for the past year and a half at Reo Raceway and this past saturday night was no different. Their were 56 17.5 Spec SC trucks in attendance with some of the fastest guys coming from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

17.5 Spec Corr

I bought my old FT SC10 back from a friend on Thursday night and worked all night Friday and Saturday morning to get the truck ready to go to try and compete for the win and the $250 that was on the line for this race. I installed a new Tekin RS with a Redline 17.5 and mounted up a few fresh sets of AKA SCT tires. I got the truck finished up on Saturday and put about 10 minutes of practice time in before the quals started.

The first qual started and I was still getting used to the truck and made a few small mistakes that put me towards the back of the B qualifier after the 1st round. I was able to get a a little practice in between rounds and tried a couple different sets of tires and finally made my choice of a set of new SS Gridirons all the way around. Since the turnout was so big they decided to cut it back to 2 quals instead of 3 so I knew I had to be on it in the second qualifier to put it in the A main. I started off the 2nd qual setting a blistering pace and half way through the race I was the only Corr truck to be on a 19 lap pace. I was having a good run going only to get caught up with lappers and have a couple bad laps and drop back about 10 seconds which cost me the TQ by .7 seconds. I was pretty bummed to miss TQ but I was happy to be starting up front and I knew I had the speed and the right tire combination going into the A Main.

The 10 minute A Main started and I got out to a good jump. I settled into the second spot and just paced myself off the leader. We were setting a fast pace out front so I just played the waiting game and stayed on his bumper the whole race waiting for him to make a mistake. We started lapping the field about 4 minutes into the race and I knew I was in the right spot to make a late charge. With about 3 minutes to go I started to make my moves and applying a lot of pressure and showing him my nose at every corner. I had a very good line through the double-double and sweeper section and I knew if I was going to make a clean pass it would come there. When we got 2 minutes to go I made my move around the outside of the sweeper and pulled off the outside pass and was able to get the inside line on the next corner. Once I got to the lead I started pushing the pace and slowly pulled away at the end of the race eventually winning the race by over a full lap. My Tekin 17.5 gave me the power I needed to make the pass on the outside and my AKA Gridirons were dialed the whole main.

1/8 E-Buggy

In the E-Buggy class we had a small group and some new guys in the mix.

The 1st qual started and right off the bat I knew I was in trouble as I made the wrong choice of tires. In practice I had ran Wishbones and they were awesome but as the track dried out a little they started to go away with the track. I just kept trying to make solid laps and ended up finishing 3rd for the first round. After the first round I decided to switch to the SS Gridirons since the track was drying out and I knew they were working good on my SC truck so I ended up running them in the 2nd qual. When the second qual got started I was flying right from the start and setting a blistering pace. I got in a groove about 3 minutes into the qual and started clicking off fast laps right after another and ended up putting in an awesome run and managed to take the TQ.

The 12 minute A main started and I got out to a huge lead and in the first 2 minutes I got into lapped traffic. I was making my way through the traffic and had already built a 10 second lead on the field. I got into trouble with a lapper right after the quad jump and as soon as the marshall got to the car he picked it up and threw it down right in front of another car and be blasted me in the left rear and broke the camber link so I was done for the main. I was really dissapointed with how it happened but there is always next time. My OFNA hyper 9E was on rails when I got the right tires combo and I had the car to beat all night just had a little bad luck in the main.