Tekin teams up with Ronda Drake!

Team Tekin would like to welcome Ronda Drake to the team. Ronda will be piloting her Tekin powered Mugen MBX6 Eco with the Tekin Rx8 ESC and Tekin T8 motor series. We are excited to be working with her and her years of
experience. Ronda is well known in the RC community as being the fastest girl in RC regularly showing up her fellow male racers all over the U.S. Rhonda had this to say “I am very excited to be running all the Tekin products and look
forward to great results!”

Ronda’s first race will be the Grass Roots series in Hemet,Ca.

Tekin Gives back…

Our Charity Food Race on April 29th was a great success, we raised $1,644.00 for the Alger Food Bank and a Half an F150 truck load of food. Amy Berryman who has run the Food Bank for 28+ years was so shocked at the amount we raised and sos happy she actually cried. Two radio stations running announcements about the race. We also had two newspapers to do a to cover a race recap of the event, one was the Skagit Valley Herald and the other a small free paper associated with the Herald called the Argus. Between the two we reached 10’s if not hundreds of thousands of people.We did a great job bringing awareness to the foodbank and to the club. 

Zack Rogers "Checks" in from the Golden State Electric Champs

“This past weekend was the Golden State Electric Champs held at Racers Haven in Bakersfield, Ca. I raced Mod 4wd and 2wd. The class with most entrys was stock buggy, which was awesome to see due to the amount of shortcourse trucks out now. The event was held on Saturday only, with three rounds of qualifying and single A mains all done on the same day, it was a late one. Both my cars were great all day taking all three rounds in 4wd which gave me the confidence I needed to go and take the main event also! 2wd was a bit of a different story, Cody Turner and I had good battles all day, I took Q1 and Q2, but Cody got overall TQ with his Q3 win. The main was a ton of fun with some great racing between the two of us, Cody lead the first half till a small mistake letting me get around and hold him off till the end. Thanks to Tekin for all the help and the power!”  Zack Rogers

Jesse Munn checks in from the 2011 Northwest Short Course Nationals

Held in Pasco, WA on June 4th the 

Northwest Short Course Nationals event had over 150 total entries.  I competed in the Mod 2wd class which had 45 entries itself.

I qualified 2nd overall in the 3 round qualifying format, narrowly missing TQ by 7 tenths of a second.  I did TQ the second round however, and also posted the fastest qualifying run of the day with my Tekin Powered Venom Gambler.

In the triple A-Main format I had finishes of 2nd, 3rd and 1st respectively to claim the second spot on the Podium. ” Jesse Munn

1.       Brian Munn

2.       Jesse Munn(Tekin)

3.       Justin Wilde  TQ

4.       Todd Powell

5.       Joe Scales

6.       Dan Lopez

7.       Jon Devine

8.       Jack Leighan(Tekin)

9.       Justin Gilkison

10.   Sean Maybell

Eduardo Prieto checks in from Spain!

Spanish Tekin pilot Eduardo Prieto checks in from round 1 and 2 with his results with his Tekin Powered Dex410 Durango 4wd buggy:

14, 15 May. Madrid Regional Championship 4wd 1/10 Round one (90 Drivers)
Regional Event
Class: 4WD
Qualify 6

Final Result: 5 
27,28,29 May. 1/10 Spanish National Championship Round 2. (90 Drivers)
National Event

Class; 4WD
Qualify: 5
Final Result: 4


Mike Malott Tq’s and wins the Memorial Weekend Shootout at Reo Raceway.

Mike Mallot was at the Reo Raceway in Rockport, IN to run the Memorial Weekend Shootout. Mike’s recap “The 12 minute main started off really good and I was able to get a little bit of a jump on the field. I made a big mistake on one of the big jumps early and allowed half the field to get around me. I dropped back to 5th but I knew we still had 10 minutes to go and anything could happen. I just paced myself and starting putting in consistent laps. About halfway through I was back up to 2nd and I was catching the leader. I caught him and ran right with him for a couple of laps and watched his lines. I knew I had a faster line at the end of the straight and I went for it. He went wide once again and I was able to sneak up the inside and make the clean pass. Once I got to the lead I started picking up the pace and jumping the big triple to try and put a little space in between myself and 2nd place. It worked out pretty well as I was able to stretch out about a 15 second lead pretty quickly. Once I got out that far I just started being smooth and consistent and went on to take the win by over 20 seconds. I was super stoked to be able to run that good. The racing was intense and I was happy to be out front. My OFNA/BCE Hyper 9e was awesome and really reacted to all the changes I made throughout the day. My Tekin Electronics and AKA tires allowed me the power and grip I needed all night and day to take the TQ honors and the A main win. The PT RC Racing Oils were awesome and gave me that smooth and consistent feel I needed throughout the day. “

Tekin drivers on top at the25th annual 2011 Hank Perry 240 in Spokane Wa!

One of the premier annual events in the Northwest area the 25th annual Hank Perry 240 was hosted once again by RCCCS. The race was once again threatened early on by weather. Practice saw a damp but usable track for controlled practice. The track crew was in top form making sure the track was in optimal condition come qualifying.

1/10 was up first and Tekin’s Dave Gullickson was on a mission. Tq’ing the Stock truck class with his Tekin RS Redline 17.5 Losi XXXTcr. Dave used the same truck to Tq the Mod truck class again using a Tekin RS Redline 17.5 system! Dave would stay focused taking the Stock Truck title by taking A1 and A2 in dominating fashion. In Mod truck Dave would have some fierce competition with Justin Wilde. The two would both take one of the first A mains. The title would come down to A3 where Justin would just edge out Dave for the overall top spot.

In 1/8 Electric Buggy with a field of over 40 cars local hero Jeremy “PG-13” Potter would put himself in the 4th position after tough rounds of qualifying. Tires were key to this class choosing the right set was the difference from 1st to 6th. This field was heavy with talent with fellow Tekin Team drivers Jason Hunt and Jesse Munn in the class. In the end Tekin privateer Brady Johnson would take the top spot taking both A1 and A3. Jeremy Potter would take 4th overall followed by Jason Hunt(6th) and Jesse Munn(10th).

Photos by Bethany Chamberlin

Hank Perry 240 Photos

Brian Sullivan Tq’s and wins round 6 of the Grass Roots Summer Series

Palm desert raceway hosted Round 6 of the Grass Roots Summer Series. 25 Drivers were all aiming for the top spot in the Pro 4 Short Course class. Tekin’s Brian Sullivan would Tq the heavily contested class with his Tekin powered Losi Panther shod ride! Brian would go on to win the overall in this class using his Rx8 Sc4x equipped Losi Ride. Brian also used Panther Switch 2.0’s in soft compound.