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Using HotWire for Vista, HotWire will not display 'Other Versions' of software

PROBLEM: Windows Vista: On some Windows Vista installations, the operating system makes a duplicate copy of a file that is used during speed control software updates. The file should exist only in the folder that the HotWire is installed in but Windows Vista may make a "secret" copy of the file to assist in document recovery should the computer lose power suddenly. Unexpected behavior that can occur in the HotWire because of this duplicate file, even after getting a software update from Tekin's website, because the "secret" file is still pointed to by Windows Vista. Further, even after uninstalling and reinstalling HotWire the "secret" file is still pointed to, so only the old list of speed control software revisions is shown.  The problem this presents is that the user is now prevented from updating their speed control to the latest release.

SOLUTION: Figure out where the "secret file" that won't go away is kept (which is in a secret place called the "Virtual Store") and delete it. After deleting the file uninstall HotWire and then install the latest version of HotWire.

  1. Watch the YouTube video for help on how to delete the secret "tekin.esc" file in the VirtualStore. In the YouTube video you can disregard the section about changing the extension from a .txt file to a .zip file, that information is no longer relevant!

  2. The file is in C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Tekin HotWire\ folder, and is named tekin.esc (in the above line, User_name is whatever your profile name is). Browse to this location using windows explorer.

  3. Right-click the tekin.esc file and choose delete.

  4. Use a browser such as Internet Explorer to go to and download the latest Tekin HotWire software to an easy to find location such as the Desktop and right click the file and select "Open With--> Compressed (Zipped) Folders". Accept all of the wizard's defaults.

  5. Use Windows Explorer to browse to the unzipped TekinHotWire folder and double click the Setup.bat file to automatically uninstall/reinstall the HotWire software.
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