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Using Windows Vista and double-clicking on the file does nothing or causes your system to stop responding.

PROBLEM: Double-clicking on the downloaded file does nothing or causes Windows Vista to stop responding.

SOLUTION: Repair Windows Vista Zip Registry. This is a .reg file that will update the user's registry to associate the correct program with the file type.

  1. Download the zipfix_vista_reg.exe file and save it to your desktop. Click HERE to start the download.

  2. You will be prompted by Vista to allow the program to run, click 'Run'. You will then be asked by Vista again if you want to allow the program to continue, click 'Continue'. Vista will ask yet again for your approval to proceed, click 'Yes'. Now Vista will tell you that it is done and ask if this is OK, click 'OK'.

  3. Windows Vista has now been "reminded" how to properly open zip files and you can proceed with the HotWire install. You should now be able to double-click the file to begin installation.


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