James Schlick wins all 3 classes entered at the 6th Annual East Coast Race Against Cancer with Tekin's new ESC's! >>See results

Tekin just about takes the win at the Florida Carpet Cup

Tekin Team Driver, Dave Puliafico used the G11Pro ESC to finish in the 2nd place position in open modified at the recently held Florida Carpet Cup oval race 2.

NRCTPA Drag Race Winner
Bobby Santoro wins the NR/CTPA Friday Night Drag Race with Tekin ESC, again!

Bobby Santoro TQ'ed and Won again at the NR/CTPA Spring Nationals Friday Night Drag's. On May 18th 2007 in Montpelier,OH, Bobby Santoro, using his Tekin powered Drag Clodbuster TQ'ed and Won the nights race event. This was his Back to Back Spring Nat's Wins (Spring '06 & '07). He also TQ'ed and Won the NR/CTPA Wolrd's in Montpelier,OH in 2005 with his Tekin powered Drag Clodbuster in it's debut.

In other NR/CTPA news, Team Drivers Ben Prenevost and Matthew Hjelvik have been winning the Modified Monster Truck class for several years using the tekin G-11 ESC in their Team PRP Berzerker Clod Buster race trucks!  Ben won the 2005 Spring Nationals and 2005 Worlds and Matthew won the 2006 Spring Nationals and 2006 Worlds.  4 events in a row for Tekin and Team PRP making them back to back champions at both major events!

rc pro series
Team Driver John LoGiudice is the 2wd and 4wd Mod National Champion of the 2007 RC Pro Series

In 2wd Modified John qualified 1st against Chad Due and Brian Mellow. John was leading the entire race until John LoGuidiceabout the mid way mark when a hung brush brought his car to a hault. "The car was comfortable enough to where I could easily drive on cruise control to stay in front of them and pull away if I needed to..." Luckily the hung brush wasn't enough to keep John down as he had enough points from the series to win the 2wd championship.

Going back and forth between 2wd and 4wd on race day can be tricky due to the different feel between cars, but John was on point as he also qualified 1st for 4wd Mod. The A-Main ended with John winning by a entire lap over the feild! "The 4wd was very fast all weekend! My fastest lap times were a whole second quicker than anyone else in the class!"

John is the RC Pro Series national champion for both 2wd mod and 4wd mod, and 3rd overall for 2wd stock. John was using the G-11 Pro ESC in each car.

The new B1 esc and Mini Rage takes aim at the RC Madness Mini National

Enfield CT, April 14,15, 2007 ---This year the Mini Nationals at RC Madness saw 230 entries, substantially more entrants than last year and a true indication that the popularity of Mini Scale racing is increasing dramatically. Tekin has long been a supporter of Mini Scale racing, having produced the first Performance Brushless System for Mini Scale applications several years ago, the Mini Rage ESC Series. This year Team Tekin drivers were in full force, lending their skills to the debut appearance of Tekin’s latest contribution to Mini Scale Performance, the B1/B1R Series Brushed Speed Controls.

True to form, Zack Barry continued his reign as a Team Tekin MVP and as a National Champion. This year Zack took it easy on his mechanic and only ran 4 classes: 4WD Stock, 4WD Mod, 4WD Brushless and Mini Monster. Zack made his most impressive showing in the Mini Monster Truck class, easily dominating the race with his Tekin Mini Rage 6.8 Hi-Performance system. This was the same race-winning system that had consistently propelled Zack to victory last year and it once more proved itself here at the Mini Nationals, firmly cementing Zack’s lead all the way to the finish line.

4WD Brushless is quickly becoming the fastest and most competitive class--Not one to relax after his victory in the Mini
Monster class, Zack began 4WD Brushless by aggressively rallying up to 2nd position where he settled in and waited for an opening. Zack’s patience was rewarded when the leader had a slight bobble that allowed Zack to pass, whereupon he held the position and ran in 1st for most of the race. As luck would have it, just at the end of the race Zack was forced into a rail--by the time the turn marshal had him back on his wheels he had dropped back to 5th position. Without sufficient time to regain his former position as leader, Zack finished the race in 5th place. A promising new up-and comer in this class is new Team Tekin driver Mark Smyka, who had the TQ until the last round when Josh Anderson put in a great run to take the top spot. Showing that he has what it takes, Mark qualified 2nd but had some setbacks during the race that
added up and left him finishing 7th overall.

Now putting the new Tekin B1R ESC to the test, Zack stormed out and qualified 2nd overall in 4WD Stock, then for the entire Main was running down the leader in a close 2nd. Lady luck tipped her hand and once again in the final moments of the race, Zack hit a rail and lost some hard-earned ground, finishing the race in 3rd place.

In 4WD Mod Zack again chose to run his Tekin B1R, which did not disappoint and helped him to qualify 2nd overall. Resolving run a clean race, Zack held on to the 2nd position in the Main and again waited for an opportunity. The leader refused to yield to the pressure, and after an extremely close and exciting race Zack finished only 1 second behind the first place winner! Following on Zack’s heels, were Team Tekin drivers Mike Wilder, who finished 4th, and Team Scream owner John Cravotta who finished 6th. Both were also using the Tekin B1R, so when the dust cleared, 3 of the top 6 drivers were running the Tekin B1R in its first-ever public showing!

Using the B1R to TQ both the 2WD Stock and 2WD Mod class left quite an impression on Tekin driver Mark Smyka. Mark commented that he was very impressed with the B1R--he only just got it before the race and didn't have any practice time on it, yet he was able to simply put it in and go (and TQ 2 classes!). With his freshly installed B1R, Mark was leading the 2WD Stock class for 4 minutes until he got caught up in some lap traffic and dropped to 2nd, finishing just a hair behind the winner. Also using the B1R, Team Tekin driver Chris Proctor came in 3rd just behind Mark.

In the 2WD Mod class, the Tekin B1R also put on a spectacular show--Mark Smyka, who you had the TQ, went on to finish 4th overall, while teammate John Cravotta took 5th. At the end of the day, the Mini Rage System once again successfully defended its reputation as the best Mini Scale Brushless System on the market, and the new B1R demonstrated to all in attendance that it continues the Tekin tradition of building race-winning designs! See you there next year!

Rock Sold performance by the G11 ESC, the Salvas Bros., and Phil Marabella . . . again!

Steve TQ's 19t, Eric TQ's Stock and takes the wins in both Stock and 19t! As the Salvas Bros were ripping it up at the 2007 International Classic Carpet Oval race at THE ROCK, Phil Marabella was also showcasing his oval skills at the ARCOR Nationals. Phil finished 6th in Open Mod while Adrian Chandler finished 9th in Open Mod & 3rd in 19T. Oval racing has come back in a big way the last few years and Tekin is proud to be a part of it. Way to go, guys!

Team Tekin and Team Kyosho place in the Mini Inferno Cup 2007

  1. Vincent Ohanessian

Even with Tony and Team driver, John Yves Ferte missing the first round, they were still able to finish in the Top 6 at the European Mini Inferno Cup for 2007! 5 of the Top 16 drivers were running Tekin electronics!

2007 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals Results:

Modified 12th Scale:
Mike Dumas TQ's and Wins with the R1 Pro!

Stock Touring:
Jim Herrman 4th

19T Touring:
Mike Dumas 5th

Modified Touring:
Mike Dumas 4th

Stock 12th Scale:
Chris Mazzola 3rd
Wayne Gerber 5th

19T 12th Scale:
Chris Mazzola 4th
Mo Denton 6th
Wayne Gerber 10th

Tekin's Hot at the 2007 Snowbird Nationals!

Every year the best drivers from around the world come to Florida and race 24 hours a day. This is one of the few races that both oval and on-road race at the same track. The On-Road class runs all day and while they sleep (if there is such a thing at these races) the oval racers race.

duma tqThis year Tekin was there showing off our new R1 series esc and the all new Battery Nurse. Team driver Mike Dumas has been doing field testing for the new R1 series esc's and he got a chance to run them at the Bird's. Mike ran the R1 Pro brushless in his 12th scale Speed Merchant car and used the R1 in his Touring car in both classes. Mike finished 2nd in 12 GTP mod using the R1-Pro. After taking the lead and grabbing the highly contested TQ spot in Mod Touring, Mike lead the pack for several laps when a crash sent him back in the pack. Mike was able to survive and finished 4th. In 19T Touring Mike finished 8th.

Team mate Jeff Cuffs was running the G-11 Pro and finished 5th in GTP Stock, 5th in Touring stock and 10th in 19T Foam Touring. Jeff also got a chance to use Tekin's all new Battery Nurse to keep his batteries at their best performance.

12 GTP Stock:
5th Jeff Cuffs

12 GTP Stock B main:
2nd Jim Herrmann
3rd Mo Denton
6TH Carissa Figelski

Touring stock: A-Main:
3rd Mo Denton
5th Jeff Cuffs
10th Jim Herrmann

19T foam: A-Main:
8th Mike Dumas
10th Jeff Cuffs

19t foam B-Main:
6th Jim Herrman

Touring Pro Mod A-Main:
4th Mike Dumas

12 GTP Mod A-Main:
2nd Mike Dumas

19T Rubber B-Main:
9th Marc McGurren

All drivers were using the G-11 Pro except for Mike Dumas.

Oval race news from "the Birds"

oval win

Tekin has put a lot in effort in supporting Oval racing this year and it showed with the success they had at this years Snowbirds. Congratulation to Eric Salvas for an excellent week 2 wins. Sometimes you don't need a huge team to do well.

Again Phil Marabella sets the bar high for all Tekin drivers to follow.

4 cell 12th scale 19T A-Main:
Tq and Win Phil Marabella

4 cell expert 19T A-Main:
2nd Steve Salvas

4 cell expert 19T B-Main:
5th Eric Salvas

4 Cell stock A-Main:
TQ Eric Salvas
1st Eric Salvas
5th Bill Auchterlonie
6th Brooks Derting
8th Matt Tyson
10th Steve Salvas

4 Cell stock B-Main:
2nd Bill Osborn
3rd Eugene Ryder
9th Bobby Scherff

6 Cell Stock truck A-Main:
2nd Eugene Ryder

4 Cell expert A-Main:
3rd Eric Salvas

4 cell Pro Mod B-Main:
7th Phil Marabella

6 Cell Sprint A-Main:
TQ Steve Salvas
1st Eric Salvas
20th Steve Salvas

4 Cell Sportsman 19T A-Main:
5th Brian Card
8th Bobby Scherff
10th Dave Puliafico

Congratulations to all of our on-road and oval drivers!

It was the survival of the fittest

In what has become one of the most important races of the year, the 37th running of the Cleveland Indoor Champs was filled with all the excitement and let down that you could want in an RC race.  With over 300+ entries it made for long days but the racing was fast. The mains on Sunday started at 7:00am and finished at 5:20 pm. The track was really fast and every bump of the wall caused severe pain. There were a lot of mains and qualifiers that started with 10 cars only to finish with 3-4 cars still running. It was the survival of the fittest! One of those that survived was Tekin's Jeff Cuffs who came back to avenge his loss last year in the very highly contested stock Touring car class. What made it so great was Jeff qualified third and at the tone jumped into second. By the end of the first lap he made his way to the front of the field and never looked back. Jeff was running Tekin's all new R1 Pro in his Touring car.

  • TC Stock: Jeff Cuffs won with precise controls and power using the new R1 Pro.  Mo Denton used the G-11 Pro - unfortunately having a rough weekend in stock TC- finishing in 10th after just touching the board and breaking.
  • TC 19turn Mo Denton finished 4th and Mike Dumas finished 5th.
  • TC Mod: Mike Dumas was checked out and gone. Almost a full lap ahead of the entire field and just like that. A cold solder joint on his motor gave way and that was the end of that.
  • 12th scale stock: Jeff Cuffs was battling for the lead and broke finished 9th, Wayne Gerber was extremely fast but had car problems finished 10th. Carissa Figelski came through and finished 6th.
  • 12th scale 19T: Wayne Gerber again had a great run going only to have car problems finished 10th
  • 12th scale mod: Mike Dumas had a great run going but had car problems and finished 7th overall.

Mike Dumas Joins Team Tekin!

dumas joins tekin

One of the fastest drivers in the country who is a regular in the Top spots in the modified A mains has joined Team Tekin. Mike will be doing a lot of R & D work for Team Tekin with their new line of Speed Controllers, both the Brushed and Brushless Systems. Look for Mike with his Tekin-powered ride starting at The Cleveland Race in 2006.


A grueling test-bed for Tekin's all new R1 brushless system--24 hours of nonstop operation under race conditions!

It started out as a world record attempt for the longest RC Race ever held, 24 hours of continuous racing. The event was billed as a 24 hour Enduro race to be held at The Seattle Indoor Raceway. Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records announced that they would be in attendance.

With Tekin's prototype R1 Brushless ESC and Motor delivered personally by company CEO, Jim Campbell just hours before the race, Team Tekin Driver Brett Sisley calmly and methodically put the system through its paces. Everything depended on the system performing flawlessly.

The event was attended by several world class drivers including Mike Dumas, representing Team Brood, with many other well-known drivers on a number of teams. All were there vying for the prestigious world record attempt.

Team Tekin was partnered with Team Schumacher in the effort, and quickly took the lead, Tekin’s new R1 ESC and Brushless Motor dominating the course for the first 2 hours. The track was extremely challenging to navigate, and after a series of violent crashes Team Tekin/Schumacher lost the lead while performing extensive chassis repairs in the pits. During the next brutal 22 hours, Team Tekin drivers were able to systematically regain some ground, in the process setting the fastest lap time, but were unable to gain back enough to challenge the lead.

At the end of a nerve-wracking and physically exhausting race, Team Tekin/Schumacher finished 4th overall with its all new R1 Brushless System--not bad for its first foray into competition! More important was the fact that after 7,030 laps (equaling over 350 MILES!) and over 75 battery pack changes, the new Tekin R1 and the new Tekin Brushless motor both performed flawlessly! What a way to test a new product. Congratulations and thanks to the all the Team Tekin drivers that attended and applied their skills to this world record attempt, this is the stuff that legends are made of.

Team Tekin, Legendary Performance.

The next Generation

9 year old Hunter La Flower tears em' up in OK. 1st place win in under 12 class at the US Central race in Enid, OK. While we all remember being this age and going to races, what makes Hunter special is that he does his own car maintenance. Way to go, Hunter!

Southern Exposure

Dave Alberico doing his thing--he just keeps wining again and again.

Not just attended by RC drivers from Missouri, drivers from far way places such as Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas all traveled to this race. The North Missouri track in Chillicothe, MO is one of the most popular tracks in the area and always draws good crowds and good racing.

David Alberico places 1st in 2wd Mod and 1st in Truck Mod, also TQ'ing all 4 rounds of qualifying in both classes and the only 16 lap run in 2wd mod!

Eugene Ryder is at it again!

This time at Big Bill's RC Raceway. With just about everyone there running Brushless; the 4.5 -6.5 systems, Eugene breaks out the old, trusted G-11 Pro and slaps in a 13 x 2 and proceeded to put a whoopin' on the field! He Tq'ed by three laps and won the race by 2 laps, resetting the track record. Old record 39 4:03 new record 41 4:05.48!!! Eugene continues winning where ever he goes. Only one question now is - What's in your car?

Tekin team drivers place 3 in the Top 5

At the 2006 Paved Oval Nationals, drivers Johnny Housley, Todd Smith and Jimmy Flack make it into the main of 4-cell stock. Great job guys!

1st place: JW Housley
2nd place: Todd Smith
5th place: Jimmy Flack

Team driver Dave Alberico wins the Kansas Dirt Oval Championships

Dave Alberico, driving his Team Losi Mini-T at the Kansas Dirt Oval Championships, not only TQ'ed, but he had the fastest lap of the entire weekend of racing and he won by an entire lap! Dave was the only Mini Rage in the entire field and was using the Mini Rage Hi-Performance 6.8 system. Nice driving, Dave!!!


Tekin is one of the proud sponsors of the upcoming, ROAR 2006 MODIFIED OFFROAD NATIONALS! The ROAR Nationals will be held at Planet RC Raceway in Indianapolis, IN on August 10th-13th. All of the top off road drivers from around the country will be there shooting out for top honors! DO NOT MISS THIS RACE!!!!!!

ROAR Off Road Stock Nationals

The ROAR Off-Road Stock Nationals was a great success. Peel IT Raceway hosted the event with Mr. Scotty Ernst announcing the show! Congrats to Peel It Raceway for the fine job running the event! Stock racing always proves to be very interesting and exciting. This year was no exception. New team driver Jeremey Fellas had a great weekend not only for himself but for Tekin as well. Jeremey Tq'd and won the 4 wd 19t class as well as the truck class!

Team Tekin goes 1,2,3 at the ROAR off-Road Regional Championships.

In the highly competitive ROAR Region 2, Team Tekin driver's finished 1,2,3 in the 2wd mod class. Team driver Vince Nocella won, James Slick took second and new team driver Chris Wolfson finished third!

Tekin Mini Rage win the 1/18 national championship for Spain.

Tekin and it's importer, R/C Racing have been proclaimed National Champion for the country of Spain! More information to come as we get it.

The G-11 Powers National Champs!

There is nothing like going through a point series race like the Pro-Series and having things turn out the way you would like them to. Like being named National Champion. That is what happened for Team Drivers Kraig Kruger and Todd Lewis. Kraig was named National champ in very highly contested Stock Truck and Todd Lewis was named National Champ of, well, everything else! Todd took the gold in Stock Buggy, Mod Buggy, Hobbytalk.com Mod Truck and Mod Truck. Congratulations, guys!

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