Tekin wins the Great Snake Shootout!

The Great Snake Shootout in Lewiston Idaho which was the 5th round of the Northwest Championship Tour was held over the weekend of August 23rd. With 139 entries the racing was going to be epic all weekend.

 In mod stadium truck Shane Preugschat was able to get out to a little lead in the 1st qual and hold on to the win over AE driver Mike Hudson. In Q2 Preugschat was within a few seconds of Mike but couldn’t manage to make up enough time finishing 2nd. In Q3 Preugschat was again within a few seconds of him until he made a small bobble and was able to take over the lead until the last lap. Preugschat cut a corner a little to close and clipped a pipe giving Mike back the lead and the overall TQ. In the mains it was a vary close battle but Preugschat was able to win the first 2 mains for the overall win. Shane chose the Tekin RS Pro and Redline Gen2 to power his TLR 22T.

Having previously locked up Pro 4 SC class Jayson Tjepkema would go onto dominate this class again in Rd5 taking Tq runs in the first two qualifiers. Jayson would then go on to win A1 and A2 to take the overall win. Tjepkema was the only driver to get twelve laps in this class and would run twelve laps every time hisbcar was on the track. Jayson chose the Tekin RX8 Gen2 esc and Tekin Pro4 HD motor to dominate this class every round of the NCT Series.

In the 1/8 E-Buggy class Tekin pilot Nick Buechler would take TQ by only .059 of a second in front of Jayson Tjepkema in Q1. Tekin’s own Jeremy “Pg” Potter took TQ in Q2 9.829 seconds in front of Nick Buechler who took second. Then in Q3 Jayson Tjepkema took the TQ with the only fifteen lap run made by anyone in any class for the event during qualifying. This gave Jayson Tjepkema the overall TQ in 1/8 e-Buggy. In A1 Jeremy Potter would take the win with Tjepkema just 2.404 seconds behind him. In A2 Nick Buechler would take the win with Tjepkema again taking second place just 2.295 seconds behind Nick and Potter just 6.535 behind in third. In A3 Tjepkema took the win with Travis Kendall taking second place just .260 of a second behind and potter in third just 3.029 of a second behind Travis. This gave Tjepkema the overall win, Potter second and Travis third for 1/8 E-Buggy.

All 3 drivers were using the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and T8 Gen2 in either 1900 or 2050kv.

1/10 4wd buggy would be a battle between Tekin powered  Nick Buechler and AE’s Jesse Munn, a battle that would continue this weekend. Buechler was able to take the Tq on Saturday with Munn 2nd. Munn would win A1 with Buechler 2nd. Buechler would win A2 with Munn following up in 2nd. It would come down to A3, Buechler got off to a great start with a commanding lead after Munn broke out. Unfortunately Buechler also broke with a few minutes remaing giving the A3 win to AE’s Mike Hudson and the overall to Jesse by just .5 seconds on the tie breaker over Buechler in 2nd overall.

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