Tekin Dominates the JBRL Electric Series!

Tekin team drivers dominate the 2010 JBRL Electric series put on by world famous Jimmy Babcock. The final round was of course held at Jimmy’s home track Hot Rod Hobbies. Team Driver Kevin Smith took the overall Stock Truck Championship, Rookie Stock was dominated by young Nick Lasley Jr., and Nick Lasley took the overall Modified Truck Championship! Congratulations guys!

Photo courtesy of Aaron Waldron RC Car Magazine


Photo Courtesy of Aaron Waldron RC Car Magazine

Tekin sweeps the 2010 Tekin GP !

The 2010 Tekin GP was hosted at Ardent Raceway(www.ardentracing.com). Sunday October 10th saw some great battles amongst 80+ of the UK’s best drivers. Racing was super close with less than 2 seconds from 1st to 6th place in 12th, 13.5 TC and 10.5 TC. All A main winners were using the Tekin RS line of esc’s!

1st Place Andy Griffiths
2nd Place Mick Farrel
3rd Place Matthew Lax

12th Pan 10.5

 1st Place Andy Moore
2nd Place Jonny Aird
3rd Place Stefan Chodzynski

10.5 TC

 1st Place John Dawson
2nd Place Zak Finlay
3rd Place Liam Brooks

TC 13.5 Stock

Dylan Rodriguez with his Tekin powered Mugen MBX6-E buggy TQ’ed and won the E buggy class at this weekends Byron’s Race. “The Tekin equipment held up in the 108 deg AZ temps through three quails and the main. We also did a battery check and ran a 20 min non stop run with with no issues. “ Dylan

Andy Vetor cleans up at MSI Raceway Anniversary Race in Roseville Michigan!

Tekin Team Driver Andy Vetor was in attendance down from Canada. Andy managed to come from behind in 1/12 from the 3rd position and take the win. In 17.5 TC Andy would take the win from his Tq spot! Good Racing!

1st Andy Vetor
2nd Chuck Lonergan
3rd James Reilly (TQ)

17.5 Rubber
1st Andy Vetor (TQ)
2nd James Reilly3rd Mike Smola

Brian and Jesse Munn Sweep the NCT Series

The Munn brothers dominate the NCT series. Brian Munn locked up the Mod Truck class in round 4 held in Lewiston Idaho. Jesse Munn locked up the 2wd Mod buggy class in Rd 5 held Pasco Washington last weekend. Jesse’s cousing Brian Munn was in contention up until the 5th and final round of this 5 series best of 4 race format. The two Munn’s battled it out with a few key mistakes by Brian allowing Jesse to take the overall NCT series Championship. Brian was determined to win yet another class, 1/8 E buggy. Brian would again have a bit of a rough time in qualifying breaking out in rounds 1 and 3. Brian’s Tq’d round 2 though and was clearly in a class of his own beating the previous Tq by nearly 15 seconds! Brian would go out and win the main in dominating fashion securing his 2nd NCT Championship! Congratulations guys!  This is Jesse’s 2nd year running the NCT and the 2nd straight year that I have won both the Mod 2wd and Mod 4wd championships

Johnny LoGiudice wins the JConcepts Northeast Championship!

Johnny LoGiudice drove his Tekin Powered Tq Sx10 2wd buggy to victory over AE’s Steven Hartson and Xfactory’s Brian Kinwald! Johnny was running a Tekin RS Pro and Redline 10.5 qualifying 4th. Jonny followed the leaders for nearly the entire 8 minute Amain. Johnny’s patience would pay off huge as the leaders took each other out a few turns before the last lap. Johnny put his head down and charged to victory! Congratulations Johnny!
From Johnny ” All of my sponsors products ran flawless over the entire event. “

Tekin Dominates the International Indoor Championships!

The 2010 IIC was hosted by Scotty Ernst and held in the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. The world’s best on road racers descended to the Riviera in hopes to become a champion. Drivers such as reigning world champion Mark Rheinard from Germany, Andy Moore from the UK, Atsushi Hara from Japan, and Naoto Matsukura from Japan would all be in attendance. Other notable drivers in attendance were Ronald Volker(Germany), Ty Tesseman(Canada), Kevin Hebert (Canada), and Juho Levanen (Finland).

This year’s IIC would have a new set of classes with the “ESC Spec” class that had 0 timing settings. This was the first major race to have such a class. This turned off any and all timing through the esc and once again brought stock racing back to stock speeds. Racers now had to focus on the fundamentals of stock racing: corner speed, ideal gearing and rollout, motor temperature, car setup, and perfect lines were all required to win one of these classes. To say the racing was tight was an understatement. Tech officials were commenting on how easy it was to tech and that nobody had an issue all weekend. To prevent cheating after tech once the race/run was over the drivers were not allowed to touch their cars, they had to be driven back to tech for post inspection. This was well thought out and executed by Scotty’s Tech staff. Great Job guys!

Tekin dominated early on with some of the fastest lap times of the week. Early on it was clear that if you weren’t running Tekin you were out of the show. Early on Team Drivers like Kenny Lambert, Monte Hess, Donny Lia, Mike Hanulec, Wes Lion, Brian Stanton and others were being called out with great frequency having the fastest lap times in their respective classes.

Tekin Team driver Donny Lia was on a mission with his Tekin Powered Speedmerchant Rev 6 1/12 GTP Car. Donny got faster every round in qualifying. Donny’s car would come into it’s own in the main jumping out in front and never looking back. Congratulations Donny!

The talk of the week though was the 17.5 Super Stock Class. The world’s top drivers all trying their hands at competitive stock racing some for the first time in decades! Most notable was Atsushi Hara from Hot Bodies. Hara teamed up with Tekin for the IIC in this heavily contested class.  Hara’s first run on the track was fast but Hara still wanted to improve. Hara then worked directly with Randy Pike, Tekin’s Team Manager to get his setup nailed down. Other Hot Bodies Team drivers took notice and quickly switched to The Tekin RS Pro after seeing how fast Hara was going without any fading. After the final 2 rounds it was clear the two (Hara, Pike) succeeded. Hara’s fastest single lap time in the 17.5 Super Stock class was a 10.1! That is just a few tenths off of the fastest mod TC lap times of the weekend! Hara was quoted saying “it’s fast” and “the power feels great.”  Hara’s car was super fast and had little to no fade during the entire run. His motor would come off 180-190 consistently. This setup would give Hara overall Tq and ultimately the IIC 2010 Super Stock Championship title!
Tekin also found the podium’s top spots :

Stock Rubbery 17.5 Sedan 1st place Dustin Layne, 3rd Brian Stanton.

World GT 13.5 1st place Brian Bodine, 4th Monte Hess, 5th Tim Copp

Expert WGT 10.5 2nd place Pete DAgnolo, 4th Donny Lia

17.5 1-12 GTP 1st place Brian Bodine, 2nd Mike Hanulec, 3rd Kelly Bean, 4th Tim Pandiscio

Team Tekin Driver Ben Burtle wins at 2010 Hobby Haven Shootout

This annual race takes place over 2 days and this year’s event had a record 214 entries. Sunday was reserved for all nitro classes, 1/8th Electric Buggy, and an Open 4WD Short Course Truck class which was a new class offered for this year’s race.

Team Tekin driver Ben Burtle landed the TQ spot in 1/8th Electric Buggy after setting the fastest times in all 3 qualifying rounds. Ben also competed in the new Open 4WD Short Course Truck class and was able TQ round 2 and qualify 2nd overall the A Main.

Originally, both of these classes were set to run 10 minute AAA mains to decide the overall winner. But the weather wasn’t cooperating that day with scattered thunderstorms in the area, so the race directors decided upon a single 10 minute A main for each class to crown the 2010 champion.

In the 1/8th Electric Buggy A Main Ben got off to a rough start and 2nd overall qualifier David “Fasty” Fast was out in front with the early lead. But after Dave got tied up with lap traffic Ben was able to take the lead for good and lap the entire field by crossing the line before time had expired. David “Fasty” Fast ended up second and Dave Darrow finished 3rd. All 3 were running Tekin RX8 systems.

1. Ben Burtle (TQ) Tekin RX8 system with a 1400kv T8

2. David Fast Tekin RX8 system

3. Dave Darrow Tekin RX8 system

A Main video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xn9dRR_Kww

In the Open 4WD Short Course Truck class Ben was able to get around top qualifier Mike Sanders early on in the race and fought off charges from Mike Kares and others to take the win.

1. Ben Burtle Tekin RSPro with a 6.5 Redline motor and Tekin high torque 13mm rotor

2. Alex Eklund

3. Mike Sanders (TQ)

A Main video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDmni95X7qE