Jason "Mo" Moberly wins the Rose Classis Offroad Championships with a Tekin Pro 2 and Rx8 Gen2!

This weekend we had the first Rose Classis Offroad Championships at Speedworld Raceway in Roseville, CA.  Speedworld is known around the globe for world class on-road racing.  Owner Billy Bowerman and his crew built many wooden jumps, including a couple of 10 foot long table tops.  The weather was hot and there was some great racing action.

In 2wd  SC open, Jason “Mo” Moberly’s Tekin Pro2 5100kv/RX8 Gen 2 powered Durango DESC210, wired with new Tekin Flex Jacket wire was on fire.  Moberly TQ’d every round except one when the darn mechanic (himself) didn’t properly tighten down the pinion after a gear ratio change.  In the main Mo lead from tone to tone, taking the win by over a lap with a fast lap over a second ahead of anyone else.  Temperatures were close to 90 degrees and the Tekin RX8 Gen 2 and Tekin Pro 2 never broke a sweat, even without a fan.

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