Reverse Motor and brake strength?

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Reverse Motor and brake strength?

Postby Cookies-Monster » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:46 pm

I have 3 rsx esc, the first 2 have almost serial number 1 and 2, the third one was bought 6 months after.
The first 2 are attach to 2 5.5T, a gen 2 and a gen 3. They both run in reverse, set on my Futaba PX. Everything works fine with throttle and braking. Active Braking set at 3 is weaker then when set at 5. Brake strength is stronger at 100% then at 50%. Normal stuff.
But my third RSX, running in revers also, but with a 6.5T has no brakes at all, Active brake at 5 and brake strength at 100%. Nothing?
So last night instead of playing with hotwire, I decide the go directly on the esc with the led 2 and set it to maximum braking. It worked, it brake just fine. To see what difference that change made in the ESC, I plug it to hotwire to find that Active Braking was now at 0, brake strength still at 100%. The other change was throttle frequency was at 6kHz instead of 12kHz(throttle not braking)? Don't think that last one has anything to do with braking power?
My 3 esc have the latest 255 software.

Should I use the reverse motor on the esc instead of on my transmitter?
Any clue why this esc has the active braking backward?
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