RS Gen2 and 1S booster

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RS Gen2 and 1S booster

Postby shuntfield » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:36 pm

Hi All

I am using one of my RS Gen2 ESC with a Tekin Redline 13.5T rpm motor in a Schumacher GT12 Superstox Atom. I read here on the forums that I will need to use a 1S booster.

When I connect the 1S battery to the ESC, nothing happens. The Booster is then plugged into the receiver directly from the battery. The instructions from the booster told me to disconnect the Red wire from the ESC to the receiver, which I did but the ESC does not power up.

I then put the red wire back in from the ESC and it would appear that the ESC now powers up from the booster via receiver.

The Switch on the ESC now has no affect when it is powered up in this method.

Am I to assume that this is the correct way to use 1S battery with the RS Gen2? I have set the ESC with the hotwire to cut out at the right voltage, and also selected 1S mode.

It seems to work fine when powered from the booster? I'm just worried that it might damage something?


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